6 Helpful Bulk-Buying Tips That You Should Know

Buying items in bulk can help you save tons of money if done correctly.  It’s an art that you need to master to avoid an opposite result which is to cost you more money.  I’m not a money expert but just like you, I’m also on a quest to find money-saving solutions that can help me with my finances. If you want to know what I’ve learned from the experts, read on to understand how you can ace the art of bulk-buying. 1. Know the cost per unit. Your goal here is to ensure that the cost Read more [...]
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5 Ways to Save on Halloween This Year

171 million Americans are planning to celebrate Halloween 2016 and according to National Retail Federation’s annual survey, an average of $8.3 billion will be spent this year which is about $83 per person.  This amount includes candies, decorations and costume.  That’s a crazy amount for a spooky holiday. Time reports that 41% of consumers start their Halloween shopping during the first two weeks of October while the rest will wait until the last couple of weeks before the 31st.  If Read more [...]
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The Basics of Household Budgeting

Whether you are an 18 year old who is finally moving out of your parents’ house or someone who is starting a new life with your partner or probably a young professional who just got her own place, establishing a household budget is an important foundation of your future financial success.  But it’s not that easy, especially for someone new in this “department.” Not unless you’re born with instant money-management skills.  If you want some pointers about building an ideal household Read more [...]
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6 Cheap Date Ideas That Aren’t Netflix and Chill

We can’t shrug off the fact that dates can be pretty expensive these days.  But let’s admit it, spending date nights with your significant other is important to keep the spark in the relationship and trying new things together is a fun way to avoid getting bored of each other.  Good news is that you can actually have amazing and memorable dates without money involved (or maybe just a little). All you need is a little creativity and a partner who is not high maintenance and is up for Read more [...]
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Little Luxuries You Need to Cut if You Want to Save Cash

  Are you in a financial rut? Do you have some debts to pay off? Are you fresh out of college and looking for ways to cut costs? Or probably you just want to save for your retirement? Whatever your situation is, this article might help you out if you are on a search for ways and strategies to save money. Coffee trips. I know, I know, you can’t live without coffee. But do you really have to buy it from Starbucks? According to ABC News, Americans spend around $1, 100 on coffee every Read more [...]
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5 Benefits of Social Media for Your Business Success

  Social Media isn’t just for personal entertainment but for business success as well. If you are a little skeptic about using Social Media for your business, take time to read this article and I’m pretty sure you’ll be convinced after this. 1. Social Media increases brand awareness. When you have Social Media presence, it’s a lot easier for customers to find and connect with you.  Customers will easily see what your brand offers through photos and updates that you post.  Read more [...]
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5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Food Business

Whether it’s a small restaurant, a food truck, produce stand or prepared food deliveries, starting a food business is not as easy as you think it is.  Having a passion for food and excellent cooking skills aren’t enough to ensure a successful food business. With that said, I’ve come up with 5 important things to consider before you start your Food Business. 1. Market research. You need to have a clear vision and goals of what you want to offer your customers.  With all the competition Read more [...]
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5 Frugal Ways to Have Fun for Fresh Grads

Finally, you’ve graduated from college.  Sounds exciting, yes?  But let’s face it, not everyone is lucky enough to land a job and even if you do, your entry-level salary might not be as high as you thought it would be. Back in college, some of you still receive allowance from your parents aside from the money you make out of your part-time jobs.  After graduation, it’s a different story.  You need a whole new level of budgeting skills to stretch out your limited funds. Despite Read more [...]
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5 On-Demand Businesses That You Can Make Money From

Whether you are a student looking for a part-time job, a retiree who wants extra income or just anyone who need something outside your 9 to 5 work, the On-Demand Economy is a great platform that offers a lot of options for people like you. First of all, what is an On-Demand Economy?  Well, it’s a type of business created by digital marketplaces to meet the demands of consumers who need immediate access to goods and services.  It has been gaining popularity not just to millennials but to Read more [...]
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5 Simple Strategies to Improve Your Credit Score

A good credit score has a lot of perks that will help you save money and make your life easier like getting the best interest rates and better chance for approval of credit cards, loans, rental houses and apartments.  Lastly, your borrowing capacity will also increase when they see that you have a good credit score. However, achieving this isn’t quick and easy; especially if your current credit card situation isn’t looking that good (you know what I mean).  But don’t worry these simple Read more [...]
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