How to Cut Costs on Your College Dorm Room Shopping

College is expensive.  We know that already.  One of the many things that you need to spend on is your living expenses.  If you are an incoming freshman, you’ll be needing a lot of dorm supplies and the costs will definitely eat a big chunk out of your College Funds.  While most dorms come with the basics like bed, mattress, desk, chair and the like, you still need to supply the rest and make it your own personal space.  After all, you’re going to call that your home for the next four Read more [...]
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7 Ways to Save on Back to School Shopping

Whether you’re a parent or a college student, you know how expensive it can be when it comes to shopping for back to school.  According to the National Retail Federation, College students or families with children in college plan to spend up to $888 a year for back to school shopping while parents of K-12 students spend an average of $108 on school supplies, $204 on electronics, $ 235 on clothing, and $126 on shoes!  Well, that’s a lot.  But thanks to a number of strategies that you can Read more [...]
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Home Ownership:  The Good and the Bad

On the previous blog post, we talked about the different reasons why renting a home is the better option for you.  Now, let’s discuss the other side of the coin – home ownership.  Like renting, owning a home has its pros and cons too that’s why it’s very important to understand them fully before we decide to invest in one.  Is it really an American Dream or more of a nightmare? The Good: Aside from the obvious perks like having your own space to decorate, reconstruct or just do whatever Read more [...]
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5 Reasons why Renting a Home is Better for You

Owning a home is for sure, a life goal for most of us.  However, not all of us are financially stable to do so, especially for those who are just building their careers or starting a family.  Both home ownership and renting have their own pros and cons but in this article, I will be talking about the different reasons why you should opt to rent a home instead of purchasing one. 1. It gives you flexibility. If you have plans to relocate in the near future, because of your work, family or just Read more [...]
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The Do’s and Don’ts in Starting a Home-Based Business

The idea of a home-based business is pretty exciting.  You can stay home with your kids, work in your pajamas, no commute, no annoying co-workers and you get to be your own boss.  However, there are some drawbacks too and not everyone is made for this kind of lifestyle. Like any kind of business, running one takes skills, talent, hard work and passion.  Before you get too caught up with the exciting idea of starting your home-based business, take time to read the following do’s and don’ts Read more [...]
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6 Ways for College Students to Make Extra Money

College isn’t cheap.  It’s no secret how tuition can go up plus the other expenses and necessities you need to shell out money for.  College life is one of if not the best part of your life.  However, it takes money to have fun.  That’s the reason why more and more students are looking for other ways to make money that will fit their schedule and skills. If you are one of the many college students who are up to a little challenge for some extra money, here’s a list of options that Read more [...]
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Make Money from Your Smartphone

Are you glued to your phone almost 24/7?  Being on Social Media and playing games all day sounds fun but that won’t make some extra cash for you.  What if I tell you that you can kill time and make money at the same time through your smartphone? Check out these 5 money-making apps that you can download for free from your iOS or Android smartphone. BookScouter Do you have old books at home?  Make money out of it by selling through BookScouter.  Doing this is very easy.  All you need Read more [...]
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How to Stay Out of Debt

Getting into debt is far easier than getting out of it.  Once you get into that financial trap, the process of removing yourself from that situation is not easy at all.  It can destroy you not just financially but mentally and emotionally.  That’s why staying out of debt should be one of the most important goals in everyone’s lives. I’m not a financial expert and this topic isn’t new at all.  But that doesn’t stop me from sharing with you some helpful strategies that I follow Read more [...]
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How to Think Like a Millionaire in 3 Ways

“Rich people stay rich by living like they're broke. Broke people stay broke by living like they're rich.” - Anonymous Yes, real millionaires who worked hard to earn their status are smart, wise and don’t spend their money on things that have no value.    I’m no millionaire or a rich person but I definitely want to be one.  We all want to be!  We just don’t know where to start.  I say, we need to start changing the way we think. So here are 3 ways to start thinking like Read more [...]
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6 Mistakes that Can Wreck your Budget

Whether you are just starting to make money or managing your own finances, or probably just planning to start a budget now or is already maintaining one, the whole budgeting thing is an ongoing learning process.  Actually, budgeting isn’t taught at school and there’s no right way how to budget your money.  You just learn from trial and error, advices from others and of course, from articles like these.  You just need to know and understand what works for you, your income and your lifestyle. But Read more [...]
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