The 3 Financial Books Every Millennial Should Read

Financial literacy is a valuable life skill that everyone should possess - and I mean EVERYONE, including you, with an almost empty bank account and a long list of debt to pay. Learning about money isn’t just for rich and business-minded people, because we all need this skill to be able to properly manage our personal finances. If you’ve been on a financial slump for the past years and now ready to give your finances a do-over, make it a goal to dedicate 2019 for expanding your Read more [...]
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How to Make More Money this February (Valentine’s Day)

Did you know that American consumers are expected to spend an average of $143.56 on Valentine’s Day this year? While the rest of the world is already planning on how to spend their money this February, how about doing the complete opposite and take this chance to earn more? If you are ready to know how you can take advantage of this Hallmark holiday, here are 6 wonderful money-making opportunities for all of you, savvy entrepreneurs out there. 1. Valentine’s Date/Party-Planning. Okay Read more [...]
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New Crypto Currency — Q

Update: Well, that was fast -- I gave away my first batch of Q... working on 2nd batch. Update 2: It's not really a Crypto currency. There is an extensive FAQ at I got this from a new crypto-currency group called Initiative Q: ============= Q is an attempt by ex-PayPal guys to create a new payment system instead of credit cards that were designed in the 1950s. The system uses its own currency, the Q, and to get people to start using the system once it's ready they are allocating Read more [...]
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How to Recover from a Holiday Overspending

Enjoying the holiday season is one thing, but repaying for it is a different story.  According to a recent GOBankingRates survey, 10% of the respondents said that they would probably fall into a debt or take out a loan to celebrate the holidays, and 27% revealed that they have fallen into holiday debt in the past. If you’re one them, then it’s really unfortunate that you’ll be welcoming the New Year with a long list of debts to pay.  Don’t worry though, because you can still get your Read more [...]
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5 Zen Working Space Ideas to Increase Abundance & Joy

Wherever you are, know that your environment affects you. So when you get your environment right, your mindset will follow. Your environment makes such a difference to how you think and feel that’s why it’s very important to cultivate a positive work space environment that’s conducive to love, joy and peace of mind. And when you are in love and happy with the space you work in, it’s so easy to be productive and motivated, which of course, leads to more abundance and success. Therefore, Read more [...]
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Clever Financial Gift Ideas for Kids this Christmas

The holiday season is here and I’m sure many of you are already on a hunt for the best gifts to give your loved ones this year. And when picking out presents for kids, I’m sure many of you will go for the easiest route - the Toys & Games section. Sure, your children, niece and nephews will love you for it but let’s get real here, after a couple of weeks, they will just get bored of the toys you got them.  What a waste of money, right? So this year, why not rethink about the kind Read more [...]
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Words You Should Know to Sound Smart 2019 Daily Calendar

Occasionally, I run across some delightfully funny ad copywriting that I find really enlightening (or at least inspirational) with regard to writing copy that sells effectively. Bob Bly's new 2019 desk calendar definitely falls into that category. I've followed Bob Bly for years, and I have found his writing to be witty, informative, and on-point without fail. Bob is also a notorious introvert, which I'm guessing is at the root of the following hilarious copy: Based on my book "The Big Book Read more [...]
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Can You Afford a Pet?

Did you know that Americans spend an average of $126.19 every month on their furry friends, according to a recent survey?  Yes, owning a pet goes far beyond than just spending for the initial adoption fee and their on food and treats. Pet ownership requires not just a huge emotional and physical commitment, but financial too.  If you are thinking of getting a pet, a dog or a cat to be specific, you need to know all the expenses to consider. In general, here’s what you need to prepare Read more [...]
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How to Go Green This Christmas (and Save Money Too)

The holidays… oh it can definitely mean a lot of consumption! Once the "ber"-months begin, you’ll see all sorts of Christmas items swarming the retail stores.  And for people who take this jolly season seriously, it’s hard to resist spending money on new Christmas decor, cards, gift items, wrappers, treats, and other holiday merchandise, which will all just end up on storage boxes and garbage bins by the end of the season. Christmas is without a doubt, a season of love and giving, Read more [...]
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5 Zero-Waste Habits That Will Save You Money (Start now!)

Today, more and more individuals are jumping into the Zero Waste Lifestyle, a philosophy that encourages people to emulate sustainable natural cycles to reduce all discharges to land, water and air, which are harmful to the health of humans, plants, and animals. Some may think that going zero-waste is a hard and costly lifestyle to maintain, but contrary to that belief, going green can actually save you lots of money in the long run. IOW, you don't have to invest in an electric car or solar Read more [...]
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