10 Holiday Craft Ideas to Sell for Profit


With the holiday season officially upon us, it’s time to put that crafty pair of hands too good use.  This time of the year is a golden opportunity to earn some extra cash by doing something you enjoy.  You can sell at local fairs and bazaars, or online through Etsy, Amazon or eBay.

Wherever you want to sell your stuff and whether you’re an expert seller or a noob in the craft-selling business, here are 10 holiday craft ideas you can sell for profit:

1. Personalized Items

Personalized gifts are always a hit anytime of the year.  Offer customization on various products like towels, mugs, shirts, hats, etc. – whether it’s using your embroidery machine, calligraphy pens, rubber stamps or whatever tools and materials you already own.

2. Handmade Holiday Cards & Gift Tags

Customers will love the idea of handmade cards with unique and intricate designs, especially when they are made only for them.  Offer a variety of designs or customize each card for every customer, using various craft materials for a 3D effect.

Same goes for gift tags.  You can either sell handmade gift tags or print out gift tags you designed yourself.  Personalize each gift tag with your customer’s name.

3. Handmade Christmas tree Ornaments

Who says ornaments should only come in shiny balls?  Create one of a kind and quirky Christmas tree ornaments using different items such as Cinnamon Sticks, twigs, yarns, old photos, copper wires, craft papers, vintage toys, and so much more.  The options are endless when you’re being creative.

4. Advent Calendar

Both kids and adults love being able to count down to Christmas with a surprise goodie each day.  Unlike the traditional Advent Calendars, why not offer customers unique and cool options by swapping chocolates or candies for some not-your-ordinary Advent Calendar goodies.  For example, mini candles, assorted tea blends, mini nail polishes, makeup and skincare samples, dog treats, mini liquor bottle, essential oils, and so much more.

5. Holiday Puns Merchandise

Another fun and festive items to sell are frames, mugs, shirts, pillow covers or cards with Holiday Puns in it.  Look for “holiday pun” ideas online and design your own merchandise to sell online and in bazaars.

6. Christmas Wreaths

A Christmas Wreath is always a staple in every home during holiday season.  Make beautiful, unique and creative wreaths that will stand-out from those store-brought ones to attract more buyers.  Don’t stick to the usual craft supplies.  You can use unexpected and unusual items such as candies, cinnamon sticks, nuts, wine corks, etc.

8. Christmas Pillowcases & Pillow Covers

Buying holiday-themed pillowcases and pillow covers can be quite expensive.  So why not offer your customers a much cheaper option with your handmade holiday pillowcases & pillow covers.

9. Nativity Scene

A Nativity Scene at home is a great way to show and celebrate one’s faith during the Christmas season.  People will love your handmade Nativity Scenes using wood, clay pots, blocks, cardboards and more.

10. Themed Baskets

For the last “craft idea,” you don’t necessarily need a pair of crafty hands.  All you need is a little creativity to put together an assortment of goodies with one theme, personalized for every type of recipient.  Decorate the basket, add a gift card/tag and put it on sale.  Check out this blog for some pretty cool Themed Basket Ideas – The Idea Room.

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