10 Smart Shopping Tips to Save Money on Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is a significant expense in every household.  A big part of your overall budget goes to your groceries and that’s the reason why being smart about it is very important.

So here are 10 tips to help you save money when buying your groceries.

1. Plan your meals/snacks ahead of time.  Having your meals planned prevents you from buying unnecessary food items that you already have or don’t really need.

2. Check your fridge and pantry to use up what you have before buying more.

3. Based on the meals that you planned, make a list of the exact food items that you need and stick with it.

4. Shop on a full stomach to avoid getting tempted with mouthwatering snacks and treats that you wouldn’t normally buy.

5. Only shop once a week because the more grocery trips you make, the more you will be spending there.

6. As much as possible, avoid buying prepackaged, sliced or washed food items because these can be pricey.

7. Shop with a budget and add things up as you put items on your cart.

8. Check the prices first and shop around for discounts before making your purchase.

9. Check for coupons that you can use in for the items that you buy regularly. (Side note:  Don’t get blinded with sales and discounts.  Make sure that you will really use/consume it!)

10. Use that green thumb of yours to start planting some fresh herbs or simple vegetables.  Planting your own produce can help you save money.

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