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The Connection Between Your Receipt and Your Life

Sometimes, we get too absorbed in this nature of buying that we spend money for several non-essential and superfluous items. The result for some people is that they get into deep debts, unable to overcome their spending habits. This then … Continue reading

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Continue Tracking your Spending: Part VII of budgeting

So, based on the work you have done in parts 1 through 6, you know how much money you have coming in and how much you are planning to spend.  You also have a plan to pay off all your … Continue reading

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4 Tips for Finding a Down Payment to Buy a Home

Mortgage interest rates and home prices are so low in the US, that many people are anxious to buy a home. But, buying a home requires finding a down payment. For FHA loans, you will need up 3.5% of the … Continue reading

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