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The 4 Basic Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Home

Home Ownership has been ever since, the ultimate American Dream.  Aside from having the control over your own home and it being a long term investment, owning a house gives you the pride of ownership, sense of stability and belongingness … Continue reading

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6 Ways to Cut Down Your Expensive Smartphone Bill

Smartphones have become a necessity for most of us – keeping us connected to each other and our lives more organized.  But it also comes with a price.  Literally. Smartphones are pretty expensive and let’s not forget the monthly bill … Continue reading

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Top 5 Online Hubs to Sell Your Old Books for Cash

Whether you’re cleaning up your attic, trimming down a book collection or looking for a new home for your old textbooks, there are a number of places online to make money out of those old books.  Sure, you can sell … Continue reading

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7 Financial Tips for the New College Grads

Congratulations, graduates!  Welcome to the real world where the future is so bright… and terrifying at the same time.  Life after college is a pretty exciting time full of new adventures and opportunities but the feeling of uncertainty is surely … Continue reading

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3 Travel Apps for the Budget-Conscious Wanderlust

Not everyone is lucky enough to explore the world without a budget in mind.  For some of us, we need to keep track of our budget and limit our expenses during our travels. To help you do that without a … Continue reading

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