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5 Ways to a Debt-Free Christmas

Did you know that America spends more on holiday shopping than any other country in the world?  At the same time, Americans are also more likely to go in debt to pay for holiday spending, survey says. According to Magnify … Continue reading

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4 Morning Habits that Financially Successful Individuals Do Everyday

Ever wondered why some people succeed in life and others don’t?   What do successful individuals do differently?  What’s their secret? Well, there isn’t really a secret to success and no magic doors to enter or magic potions to drink.  Sorry, … Continue reading

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Holiday-Themed Business Ideas

The Holiday season is upon us and while everyone’s already starting to plan out their back to back celebrations and writing down their gift list, why don’t you take advantage of this opportunity and open up a seasonal business? Whether … Continue reading

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6 Ways to Financially Prepare for Christmas

According to a survey, about nine in ten Americans say they celebrate Christmas, including non-Christians and people with no religion.  Overall, 51% consider it as a religious holiday while 32% say it’s more of a cultural holiday. With more and … Continue reading

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5 Companies that are Hiring Seasonal Holiday Workers Right Now

When we hear the word “holiday,” we immediately think of spending money on gifts, food preparations, travel, decors and personal shopping.  Well, that is so true.  But the holiday season isn’t just all about seeing our salaries flying out of … Continue reading

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Save Money on Fall Travel

If you’re looking for great bargains, slim crowds, and a “just right” weather, a vacation during the shoulder season is a smart traveler’s best bet. Depending on the destination and the activities the place is known for, autumn is usually … Continue reading

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Most Common Financial Goal Setting Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to financial freedom, goal setting is a must.  The goals you set will give you a sense of direction when it comes to how you handle your finances and will be the building blocks of your success. … Continue reading

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How You Can Make Money on Facebook

There are 2 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide, with five new profiles created every second.  Yes, every second. Facebook is not anymore just a platform that gives users an opportunity to express themselves and connect with friends and family … Continue reading

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