3 Travel Apps for the Budget-Conscious Wanderlust

Not everyone is lucky enough to explore the world without a budget in mind.  For some of us, we need to keep track of our budget and limit our expenses during our travels.

To help you do that without a fuss, you need a few trusty apps to keep your budget steady while you’re on vacation.

1. Trabee Pocket

This is a very easy to use app for travel.  The app allows you to switch your currency according to the country you are in and easily organize and customize your expenditures.  You can even snap a photo with your spending such as the receipt, for example.  At the end of the day or the whole trip, you can check your smart travel expense report to assess your budget and make necessary changes with your spending.  If that’s not enough, Pro users can even export the report to Excel or plain text.

2. Trail Wallet 

This app allows you to breakdown your expenses according to a daily budgeted amount.  However, the app doesn’t have a currency converter which is a downside if you are traveling to a foreign country.  Using the app is easy – if you already have a set budget, let’s say only $100/day, just enter that on the app and as you go through the day, just add the amount of every spending and you’ll see a breakdown of your expenses and how much is left in your budget.  This saves you from the hassle of checking your wallet from time to time to count how much money you have left.

3. Tripcoin

This iOS app is like a hybrid of the two apps mentioned above.  Just like Trabee, it has a built in currency converter and supports 200+ currencies.  It also allows you to take photos of your purchases and receipts, create custom categories and payment methods and export data to excel.  And similar to Trail Wallet, Tripcoin lets you set daily or total budgets for each trip.  Adding expenses per day is also quick and simple.  However, Tripcoin is only available to Apple Devices.  Sorry, Android users.


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