4 Morning Habits that Financially Successful Individuals Do Everyday

Ever wondered why some people succeed in life and others don’t?   What do successful individuals do differently?  What’s their secret?

Well, there isn’t really a secret to success and no magic doors to enter or magic potions to drink.  Sorry, these things don’t exist.  But as it turns out, these go-getters have a lot in common – these are daily habits that we can all learn from and act on, and they all start the moment they wake up.

1. They wake up extra early.

You know what they say, the early bird catches the worm.  Highly successful people are early risers from CEOs to government officials and other influential people.  Apple CEO, Tim Cook, for example, wakes up at 3:45 am every morning, while Michelle Obama starts her days at 4:30 am.  Well, that makes sense because waking up extra early allows you to get more stuff done.

2. They visualize.

Visualization is a technique that a lot of successful individuals do every day.  They use the first 15-30 minutes of their day to think through their goals and mentally map out their day.  They already visualize themselves ticking off every item on their to-do list and imagining a productive day ahead of them.  Practicing visualization and positive thinking can significantly improve your mood and get you ready for the entire day ahead.

3. They reflect.

Whether it’s meditating, journaling or just spending a few minutes just lying in bed, a few moments of reflection is always a part of a successful person’s day.  It is important to reflect on where you’ve been, where you are now and where you are going.  This also helps you become grateful for everything you’ve accomplished and have been blessed with.  And in case you don’t know, a grateful heart leads to more success.

4. They do the big task first a.k.a The Frog.

“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” –  Mark Twain

Productive individuals take advantage of the morning when they are most rested and have the most energy to do their most dreaded task on their to-do list. Accomplishing that dreadful task takes a lot of weight out of your shoulder, leaving you more relaxed and more ready for the day. And when your day progresses easier, you also get closer to success.

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