5 Apps That Will Give You Money by Completing Tasks

Zombies have taken over the world.  And by zombies, I mean those people walking aimlessly down the street with their heads bowed down and glued to their phones.  Yes, it’s rare to go anywhere these days and see people who are not tinkering with their smartphones.  Horrible but so true.  We’re all guilty of that. But as bad as it sounds, we all know that the good side of technology still outweighs its bad effects.

One of the many pros of technology is its money-making opportunity.  Interesting, huh?  Well yeah, since you’re already spending much time on your smartphones, why not check these 5 apps that will earn you extra cash by doing easy tasks.

1. Gigwalk

Find and run errands in your area through the Gigwalk app.  Gigs can take 5 minutes to a few hours, and can pay from $3-$100.  These tasks are posted by consumer brands and retailers seeking on-the-ground visibility.  A few examples would be taking photos, handing flyers, mystery shopping, etc.

2. Easy Shift 

Just like Gigwalk, Easy Shift offers quick jobs and local stores and shops in almost all cities in America.  Get paid to shop, eat and explore the city.  Sounds simple and fun, right?  Some tasks include taking product photos, checking prices and reviewing promotions.

3. Field Agent 

Similar to the first two apps mentioned above, Field Agent lets you complete tasks that typically pay around $3-$12/task.  Common jobs include store display checks, consumer surveys, price checks, etc.  The site also has “Scavenger Hunts” that asks you to find products in your home with the exact UPC that they are looking for.

4. Rewardable 

Rewardable offers both at-home and in-store tasks that can eary you up to $20/task.  Some at-home jobs include watching videos, answering surveys and daily sweepstakes.  While in-store tasks will ask you to visit retail stores, give product feedback and answer trivia.

5. Pact 

Want to earn cash by achieving your health & fitness goals?  Sign up for Pact, an app that uses cash stakes to help you achieve your health goals.  Every time complete a goal, you will get paid from people who weren’t able to.  It’s definitely a commitment or else, you’ll end up spending rather than earning.

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