5 Companies that are Hiring Seasonal Holiday Workers Right Now

When we hear the word “holiday,” we immediately think of spending money on gifts, food preparations, travel, decors and personal shopping.  Well, that is so true.  But the holiday season isn’t just all about seeing our salaries flying out of the window – it’s also an opportunity to earn extra money on the side.

Aside from business opportunities that you can get into, tons of seasonal jobs are also at the tips of your fingers during the holiday season.

From running cash registers to people stocking shelves, holiday decorators to call center representatives, you’ll surely find a position that matches your skills.

Now if you’re ready to get more money inside your bank accounts, here are the _ companies that are already hiring for holiday season 2017.


The online retail giant has already announced that they will be hiring more than 120,000 seasonal workers across its U.S. network of fulfillment centers, sortation centers and customer service sites.  They will be joining other regular and full-time employees to help pick, pack and ship customers’ holiday orders.


It’s time to put those muscles to good use and be one of the 95,000 seasonal employees that UPS is expected to hire.  Be a package handler, driver or driver helper to support the anticipated increase in package volume in the coming months.


Who doesn’t love Target?  I’m sure you do.  Target is hiring over 100,000 seasonal workers for its 1,800 stores, distribution and fulfillment centers to work under logistics, sales floor, cashier, backroom and food service department.  If you get hired, you get 10% discount on your personal Target purchases and 20% off on fruits and veggies, Simply Balanced and C9 merchandise.

Toys “R” Us

If you want a job where you’re surrounded with fun toys and accessories, then don’t let this opportunity to work at Toys “R” Us pass.  The company is now accepting applications for cashiers, sales associates, stock associates, order fulfillment associates and toy demonstrators!  How fun is that?


The multinational e-commerce corporation that specializes in running online shopping sites is hiring over 23,000 seasonal workers.  One of the many positions available is for customer agents whose responsibility is to assist customers through phone, live chat and emails.  This is perfect for those who want a seasonal job that doesn’t require too much of physical hard work.


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