5 Easy Ways to Earn Money as a Teenager

As a teenager, I know that you have a lot of “wants” that your parents might not support you with.  Shopping, concert tickets, a weekend getaway… these things won’t pay for themselves.  That’s the reason why having your own money is very important.  It is also a major step towards becoming more responsible and learning how to budget your money wisely.  If you think making money as a teen is hard, then you are wrong.

Here are 5 money-making ideas that will help you buy those items on your wish list.

  1. Get a Part Time Job

Of course, the easiest and also the hardest way to earn money is to get a job.  There are a lot of job options to choose from – babysitting, walking dogs, washing cars, tutoring… etc. All you need is perseverance, hard work and good time management in order to juggle your responsibilities at work, home and school.

2. Find Ways to Earn Online

Thanks to the power of internet, you can now earn money online.  Aside from freelance jobs that you can do online, you can also do surveys, sell stock photos or try making YouTube videos and publish blog posts that can be monetized.

3. Work for Your Parents

Ask your parents or grandparents if they can give you extra responsibilities in exchange for an extra allowance.  You can do paper works, typing jobs, groceries, house cleaning or laundry.  Just make sure that you really do your job properly.

4. Sell Pre-loved Items

With your parents’ permission, you can hold a garage sale or sell unwanted items online.  Aside from earning money, this is also a perfect opportunity to declutter your space.

5. Sell Arts & Crafts or Baked Goodies

If you have a talent in making arts & crafts or  baking, then start selling your finished products to your friends, family or just anyone.  You can also sell your merchandise online or at local craft fairs; and your cakes, cookies or pies to local markets.

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