5 Fast Selling Products to Sell During the Holidays


While the rest of the world is stressing over their holiday shopping list, why not capitalize on this demand and sell products online or in your local neighborhood.  Take advantage of the holiday season and make some money.

Let’s highlight some business ideas that are easy to start and require low capital or none at all. Here are 5 fast selling and in demand items to get you started.

1. Wreaths and Floral Arrangements

Everyone who has a front door obviously needs one and most households love to decorate their home with fresh flowers which makes selling wreaths and floral arrangements a good business idea.  Sell online through Etsy or accept orders through Social Media Platforms, Facebook and Instagram.

2. Baked Treats

You know how baked goods are really in demand during the holidays – not just for personal consumption but as gifts as well.  If you love baking or know someone who can bake the goods for you, you can put them in pretty Christmas packages and sell them in your local neighborhood or holiday bazaars

3. Gift Baskets

Gift baskets with certain themes are popular gift choices during the holidays.  Create unique gift baskets for every type of personality – for someone who loves food, movie junkies, sport aficionados or for those who love to pamper themselves.  Get creative with inexpensive items and arrange them in a cute holiday basket and sell them online or in your neighborhood.

4. Knit or Crochet Items

If you love knitting and crocheting, you can turn this hobby into a business. Sell scarves, hats, sweaters, baby clothes and blankets because they are in demand during the winter time.  Sell it in craft stores, online or from your own garage.

5. Personalized Items and Holiday Crafts

Anything personalized is a great gift idea for any occasion.  If you are artsy, you can turn ordinary items into personalized gifts with monograms and calligraphies.  If you are good with Photoshop, you can also design and print personalized holiday cards for families and customized stationary items.

I hope these  ideas inspired you to start your business in time for the holidays!

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