5 Legit Sites to Find Freelance Writing Gigs

Did you know that there are 53 million freelancers in America today?  And according to Forbes.com, 50% of the US workforce will do freelance jobs by the year 2020.  Wow, that’s a lot.  However, freelance work isn’t easy as it sounds.  Just like any type of job or business, your success also depends on your skill level, experience and quality of work.

Today, let’s focus on one of the most in-demand and highest paying job in the freelance world – content writing. 

If you think you have the skills, knowledge and a creative mind to write amazing content, here are 5 legit sites to get yourself a writing gig and earn $$$.

1. Easywriters.net

This writing service has been around for more than 6 years and with a constant flow of orders from clients, writers will never run out of writing opportunities.  The site offers competitive rates plus extra compensation depending on urgency, difficulty of the project and client’s feedback.  It’s a great place for beginners because you have access to 24/7 support for all queries and problems that you may face.

2. Cracked.com 

This site is known for its humorous content and is all about pop culture and entertainment.  So if you think you are creative, witty and funny enough to write content for them (no experience needed), sign up now and you can earn up to $200 per post!

3. Listverse.com

Here’s another site that doesn’t require any professional skills or experience as a writer.  Listverse publishes “Top 10 lists” of basically anything under the sun – new and interesting facts for readers to explore.  Joining is easy.  Just write your list (it has to be yours and not copied from someone else), send it in for review and you can get paid up to $100 if they publish it!

4. UpWork

UpWork is a freelancer platform where you can find all sorts of job opportunities from different clients all over the world.  However, the competition here is tough so you need a lot of patience, hard work, a good pitch to attract potential clients.

5. Craigslist 

Trust me, you can actually find legit job opportunities on this site.  Although it takes a bit of time to navigate through the site and weed out creepy posts, Craigslist is one of the best sources to land writing gigs.


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