5 Must-Haves for People Who Work from Home

Working from home is a lot less stressful than a job that requires daily commute and having to deal with annoying co-workers.  But of course, it comes with its own set of challenges too.  With your home as your working space, staying motivated, focused and organized can sometimes be challenging.

To help you stay on top of the game, here are 5 must-haves to keep you inspired and productive while working in the comforts of your own home.

1. Posture Corrector Seat 

This posture corrector with lumbar support cushion guides you to proper posture and spinal alignment to prevent and relieve lower and upper back pain during long hours of sitting in front of your computer.  It’s proven to provide natural, safe and effective pain relief for people with sciatica and other back and hip injuries.

2. Foot Hammock 

Same goes for those feet of yours.  A foot hammock will provide support and rest to your feet, thus preventing soreness on thighs and calf due to sitting for a long period of time.

3. Desktop Plant

Get yourself a living thing that’s visually appealing, good for the health and definitely not annoying – a desktop plant!  Adding a plant in your working space can help improve indoor air quality which is great for your health.

4. Echo

Who says you can’t have your own personal assistant?  Meet Alexa, the famous virtual assistant housed in a variety of Echo devices – Echo, Echo Show, Tap and Dot.  She can play your favorite jams, control your smart home devices, tell you the weather, remind you of your appointments, answer your questions and even order you a pizza! She’s definitely a keeper.

5. USB Charging Station

Organize all your devices and chargers in one aesthetically-pleasing USB charging station.  This one from Simicore is stable, holds iPads and iPhones nicely (along with most other mobile devices). One really nice feature is that charging light goes off when charging is complete! Please note that you need to buy the charging cables (short cables shown, but not included — the vendor really ought to fix that) separately, since there are currently at least 4 different USB connector standards: Mini, Micro, Micro-3, and Type-C.

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