5 On-Demand Businesses That You Can Make Money From

Whether you are a student looking for a part-time job, a retiree who wants extra income or just anyone who need something outside your 9 to 5 work, the On-Demand Economy is a great platform that offers a lot of options for people like you.

First of all, what is an On-Demand Economy?  Well, it’s a type of business created by digital marketplaces to meet the demands of consumers who need immediate access to goods and services.  It has been gaining popularity not just to millennials but to other generations as well.

The on-demand gig has definitely transformed not just the lives of workers but of consumers as well, and I’m pretty sure that it’s not leaving the job market anytime soon.

So if you are interested with this on-trend economy, here are 5 companies offering on-demand services that you might want to work for.

1. Uber

This San Francisco-based startup connects riders with safe, reliable, convenient transportation providers.  All you need is a good car to turn into a money machine.  You will become your boss and offer your ride-hailing services on your own schedule.  No need to invest a single dollar –just your car, driving skills and time.

2. TaskRabbit

If you don’t mind offering freelance labor like household errands and some skilled tasks, you can become a tasker in TaskRabbit as an extra source of income.  Whether it’s cleaning, delivery, moving or handyman services, there are a lot of people within your community who are willing to pay money for your service.

3. Grubhub 

Aside from offering transportation services, there’s another way to make use of your car as a means to earn extra income anytime you are available.  GrubHub is a digital marketplace where consumers can browse menus from local restaurants, place an order and have it picked-up and delivered to their doorstep.  So if you have a reliable vehicle that can deliver food orders on time, this is a great money-making opportunity for you.

4. DogVacay

Are you a dog lover?  Get paid while spending time and caring for dogs.  You get to choose the breed, size or age of the dog you want to watch for and set your own rates and services according to your own schedule.

5. Lugg

Work as a driver or helper for those who need moving and delivery services.  If you already own a truck or cargo van, you can apply as a driver to move things like in-store purchases, goodwill donations, craigslist items or a few load of items from a small apartment.  Don’t worry, having a truck or van isn’t a requirement to become a lugger.  As long as you are fit and physically able to lift over 75 lbs., you can apply as a helper during your free time.

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