5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Food Business

Whether it’s a small restaurant, a food truck, produce stand or prepared food deliveries, starting a food business is not as easy as you think it is.  Having a passion for food and excellent cooking skills aren’t enough to ensure a successful food business.

With that said, I’ve come up with 5 important things to consider before you start your Food Business.

1. Market research.

You need to have a clear vision and goals of what you want to offer your customers.  With all the competition out in the market, yours should be unique and new.

2. Food business licensing.

Before you open a food business, you need to secure a business license that allows you to handle and serve food to customers.  If you are planning to serve alcohol, you need to get another license for that.  And depending on your location, certain cities have different rules and regulations that you need to comply with when starting your food business.  So before you start with the construction, check with the local authority first.

3. Routine inspections.

Getting a license isn’t that easy because you need to go through a series of inspections to ensure that your premises and food handling are safe for the customers.

4. Food safety.

Okay, this is the most crucial part of your business.  This can break your business if not taken seriously.  There’s a Food Safety Management System that you need to follow that varies depending on what type of Food Business you have. Bottom line is that you need to

5. Staff training.

If you are planning to employ staff, it is a must that they undergo proper training for food handling and food safety.  You need to make sure that all your employees are trained in food hygiene in order to produce safe food for customers.  One small mistake can surely ruin the name of your business.

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