5 Unexpected Perks for Freelancers


We all know the common benefits from working as a freelancer – being able to work remotely, save up on travel expenses and time, dressing up however you want, having control on your projects and rates… etc.  But there are actually more surprising perks aside from these, which we will talk about one by one.

1. You learn to stretch and value your money.

As a freelancer, there are days when you won’t have projects so you get to learn how to stretch your money and spend cautiously.  You also learn to wait and really save up for something that you want instead of buying it impulsively.

2. You get to know other cultures.

Mostly, freelancers work with people from all over the world.  Through this, you get to virtually meet new people and learn about their culture.  You’ll see how different their work ethics, attitudes and just how they deal with things differently.  You’ll never expect to gain new friends from other race and culture too.

3. You are exposed to new ideas.

Whether you are a freelance writer, a web designer, or a researcher, you get to be exposed to different kinds of ideas where you also gain information that can help you in your personal life.  Through different projects, you also get to discover new passions that you might want to do yourself.

4. You learn to work on your own.

When you become used to working alone, you also establish independence on your personal life.  You will realize that shopping, eating, watching move alone isn’t bad that all.  You will eventually feel that it is liberating to feel independent and the more you spend time on your own, the more discover yourself and find your own voice in this world.  And oh, working on your own means no office politics and no annoying co-workers, how wonderful is that?

5. You get that sense of accomplishment.

No matter what, it’s a great feeling to be able to accomplish tasks and projects on your own and that sense of fulfillment that you were able to do something great for others.

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