5 ways to make good money if you are crafty

A pair of crafty hands was always a highly sough tout commodity. In today’s world when vast majority of mass-manufactured products are devoid of any kind of identity and identity and strong artistic voice are the two things that are being appreciated by consumers the most, it can make you a fortune. So, let us take a look at some of the ways to say goodbye to your boring job that does not suit you, and start earning good money with your craft.


Given the fact that one of the easiest ways for some person to affirm itself is through clothes, it is no wonder that young people are slowly abandoning uniformity and gravitating toward the unique hand-made pieces. If you choose to meet their demands you will get a lot of freedom to find yourself a niche, so whether you are dreaming to create your own fashion line, or you want to devote yourself to some better defined assignment like leather-work, you will have no problem finding the right audience. The only things you need to get the ball moving are a good scissors and a lot of fabric to play with.

Unique Accessories

With the Bohemian style in a full swing, hand-made, unique accessories have become more popular than ever. The good news is that as much as it is colorful and appealing, boho-jewelry is just as easy to make, and you can start practicing only with needle-nose pliers, embroidery floss, some glue, and other small things you can find around your home. If you want to, you can even attend some lessons from professional jewelers and start throwing precious metals into the mix as well.


Although it is one of the oldest crafts in the world, carpentry will not go anywhere any time soon. The thing about it is, that it does look very physically demanding, and therefore intimidating, on the first glance.And truly, although carpentry may be more demanding than some other crafts on the list, it is nowhere near as hard as people think of it to be and it boils down to skill rather than strength. Find few good stumps, or planks, check tools online and see it for yourself. You will start making interesting furniture pieces and pergolas in no time.

Children Toys and Souvenirs

If you want to combine all these skills you can start making Victorian era-looking dolls and dollhouses, patched teddy bears, and other beautiful vintage stuff, or you can take more contemporary approach and create various mind games, board games, puzzles, and, why not, even unique action figures. The good thing about this particular craft, or set of crafts to be more precise, is that you can always put a local spin on them and create souvenirs you will sell to tourist once the tourist season kicks in. Strike a deal with the local tourist agency and you will get one very nice long-term employment.

Beauty Products

Finally, you should also consider making various beauty products like artisan soap, essential oils, organic cosmetics, bath salts, body and face scrubs, etc. These products are very sought out, require very little investment, and what is the most important, their production time is fairly low, so you can easily produce them even if you have a full-time employment.

These were some of the crafts that are not that hard to master, but can bring very good earnings. Even if you do not find your dream job amongst them, do not be afraid to continue to explore – It may be waiting just around the corner.

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