5 Ways to Make Money from Your Social Media Presence

We all know how social media plays a big role in connecting people all over the world but what’s mind blowing is the money-making opportunities that it can offer.  You don’t have to be techie or an entrepreneur to make money out of it.  You can just be yourself, post things you like, interact with other people online and earn a lot.  Who doesn’t want that? 

Well, if you are interested in how you can monetize from your social media presence, keep on reading.

1. Sponsored Posts

This is for social media accounts that have a large following.  Sponsored posts vary from wearing or using products from certain brands or sharing positive experiences about different services offered by companies on your social media accounts.  Imagine getting paid and receiving freebies at the same time. Dreaaam jooob!

You don’t have to wait for brands to reach out; you can actually do it yourself.  Sites like IZEA offer creators a way to connect with the world’s biggest brands.

2. Promote Affiliate Products

Affiliate programs are the marketing strategies made by companies to reach out to more consumers.  As an associate, you can get money from purchases made by your visitors/followers through the affiliate links you put on your posts.  So to make it simple, you get a commission when someone clicks on your links and make a purchase or when someone uses the promo codes that you put on your posts.  But remember, don’t overdo it or put irrelevant links because it can annoy your followers and worse, your account can get shut down due to spamming.

3. YouTube Partner Program

If you love to post videos on YouTube and have a good number of followers, try to join the YouTube Partner Program.  This will allow Google to place ads at the beginning of your videos and you can get revenues out of it.  You can get $5-$10 per 1,000 views.

4. Social Media Manager

It seems like every business has their own social media account.  Of course, it’s the best way to reach out to more customers these days.  That’s why a lot of businesses – big and small, are hiring various social media services.  Check out for job postings online or offer your services and skills to businesses in your local neighborhood.  It’s a fun way to earn extra income.

5. Networking

You can increase your income by using social media to get yourself or your business out there.  Showcasing your skills through social media can get you more job opportunities.  Those beautiful photos you post on Instagram can land you a photo-op gig and that video of you singing on Facebook can make you a freelance wedding singer.  Social media is a great way to take your hobby or current career to the next level.


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