5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Business

It’s that time of the year for spring cleaning but it’s not just all about the annual dusting, scrubbing, de-cluttering and reorganizing at home that you should make time for.  Your business needs that spirit of renewal too!  And I’m not just talking about clearing out your work space; we’re talking about your goals, finances, strategies and the look of your website.

Spring is a time for change, growth and expansion so let’s bring that same spirit of renewal to your business by doing the following:

1. Deep clean your office.

Obviously, this is the first actual step to start your spring cleaning.  Tend to the areas and things that aren’t usually cleaned on a regular basis – hard-to-reach areas like tops and bottoms of shelves/tables, ceiling fans, vents and corners.  After cleaning, make sure to disinfect the hot spots in your office such as your door handles, keyboards, phones, sink, etc.  If you and your colleagues don’t want to do the cleaning yourselves, just hire someone or a team to it for you.

2. Clean your computers, inside and out.

More than dusting off and disinfecting your computers, cleaning your hard drive is very important to improve its performance and your productivity and efficiency as well.  Delete any unnecessary clutter in your computer drive, consolidate documents and files into labelled folders, perform backups, empty trash, run updates and organize emails.  It’s a tedious task but you’ll thank yourself later.

3. Update your website and social media.

It’s time to update the look of “brand representation.”  Update your website by changing the text font and background colors, as well as have updated photos of the staff and office space.  Make it more attractive and pleasing to the eye.  No one wants to look at a dull and boring company website.  For your social media accounts, update your photos, rewrite your descriptions and prune your followers and followings.

4. Reevaluate your goals.

As a team, it’s time to talk about your expectations, objectives, goals and vision for the business.  It’s a great way to evaluate your progress, express concerns, identify needs and spark new ideas for long-term success.  If you haven’t already, start a vision board with your new goals, ambitions and expectations for inspiration and motivation.

5. Clean up your finances.

This is the part that most of you dread the most.  Evaluate your bank statements, invoices, receipts and talk about the financial aspect of your company – this will help a lot in planning for a better budget in the upcoming months.

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