5 Zen Working Space Ideas to Increase Abundance & Joy

Wherever you are, know that your environment affects you. So when you get your environment right, your mindset will follow.

Your environment makes such a difference to how you think and feel that’s why it’s very important to cultivate a positive work space environment that’s conducive to love, joy and peace of mind. And when you are in love and happy with the space you work in, it’s so easy to be productive and motivated, which of course, leads to more abundance and success.

Therefore, if you want to transform your career  and your finances, you should begin with making your work space a very positive one.

If you’re ready to make some changes, here are 5 zen work space ideas to try out.

1. Clear the clutter.

“Clutter is the physical manifestation of unmade decisions fueled by procrastination.” Christina Scalise

Came across this quote today and I couldn’t agree more. Clutter is negative energy and we don’t want negativity in our space.

Make sure your work space is free from any kind of clutter, especially your desk. Remember, a clear desk yields a clear mind.

Avoid piling up unnecessary items on your desk or your cabinets and no, shoving things inside boxes or drawers doesn’t count as decluttering.

2. Put up some motivational prints.

There is power in affirmations and positive statements.  Verbalizing these repeatedly will influence your thoughts and affirm to yourself whatever it is that you desire.

So if you want abundance and joy, print out affirmations or quotes that you can put on your wall or search online for images to be used as desktop wallpapers in order to keep you inspired and remind you to practice mindfulness in your work.

3. Have a vision board.

Aside from inspirational phrases, you can also put up images of your desires and goals.

Make a vision board for your office space to motivate you to work hard in order to achieve the dreams and desires pasted on your board – whether it’s a photo of your dream house, the car that you’ve always wanted, future travels, etc.  Visualization is one of the best tools to manifest abundance and success.

4. Use essential oils.

Aromatherapy has been used for hundreds of years, but it’s just recently when it became a big wellness trend.  So why not join the bandwagon and use these precious oils for focus and productivity.

For mental clarity, you can choose from rosemary, basil, juniper berry, peppermint and sage. And for your much-needed energy boost mid-day, try lemon.

5. Connect with nature.

If you’re lucky to have a beautiful view of nature from your window, make sure you place your desk near it because nature is one of the abundant source of inspiration for everything that we do.

Another idea to have a feel of nature inside your workspace is to add greenery to your space.

Whichever zen idea you choose, make sure that you make the changes that will make you feel good. Add your personal touch and decorate it in a way that will spark joy,  inspire calm productivity, and increase abundance.


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