6 Cheap Date Ideas That Aren’t Netflix and Chill

We can’t shrug off the fact that dates can be pretty expensive these days.  But let’s admit it, spending date nights with your significant other is important to keep the spark in the relationship and trying new things together is a fun way to avoid getting bored of each other.  Good news is that you can actually have amazing and memorable dates without money involved (or maybe just a little).

All you need is a little creativity and a partner who is not high maintenance and is up for anything.

1. Look for free events in your city.

From art exhibits to local gigs, block parties to festivals – there’s tons of free events that you and your partner can go together for FREE.  Those free events sometimes even offer free drinks and samples of food.  You can look up the events on your local paper or sites like Timeout and Everbrite.

2. Amateur Comedy Bar

Some amateur comedy bars are usually free, if not, at least cheap.  Without a doubt, you and your loved one will have a fun and hilarious date night.

3. Happy Hour

For couples who love beer, you guys know how series of drinks can be pretty expensive.  You don’t need to give it up if you are saving cash.  Take advantage of Happy Hours that most bars offer at specific hours of the day.

4. Game Night

No, not scrabble or monopoly; try something new.  You can get cheap or preloved board games from Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist or Flea Markets  that you and your partner can play together.  You can even host a game night with your other couple friends to make it extra fun.

5. A “no destination” Drive

Just get in the car and see where the road takes you.  I’m sure you’ll discover some new spots together and talk about a lot of things while you are on the road.  Plus, the Fall season is here which means that you’ll get to see Mother Nature’s fall foliage display.

6. Volunteer Together

Just because you aren’t rich doesn’t mean that you can help other people out.  There are a lot of opportunities to get involved for a cause and what better way to give up than to be able to do it with the person you love.

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