6 Cheap Winter Date Ideas that are Fun, Meaningful & Romantic

With the holidays coming up, you already know that you will be spending more than the usual.  If you don’t want to welcome the New Year with piles and piles of holiday debt, you need to be extra careful and wise on what you spend on.  One of the things that you can skimp on is your date nights.  Forget about movie nights and fancy dinners this season and take advantage of all the free (or almost free) activities that winter and the holidays offer.

  1. Have a Christmas light tour.  A lot of households really go all out when it comes to decorating their homes for the holidays.  Prepare a Christmas playlist to listen to as you and your significant other drive around your neighborhood looking at beautiful display of lights and décor while sipping on some hot cocoa.  Also check if your city has a tree lighting ceremony that you can attend – it’s a romantic (and usually free) way to set the mood for the holidays.
  2. Go ice-skating.  Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor ice-skating rink, don’t miss out on this winter activity.  Holding hands while skating or falling on top of one another and laughing seem fun and romantic!
  3. Decorate a Gingerbread House or bake Christmas cookies.  This activity isn’t just for kids but is also a fun date activity that you can do with the little ones.  Also, most of the ingredients are already inside your fridge or pantry so you don’t need to spend much.
  4. Have a Holiday-themed movie marathon.  It’s time to put the term “Netflix and Chill” into good use.  Create a movie playlist with all your favorite Christmas movies and spend a night cuddling up while watching all sorts of holiday flicks from the classics to the latest ones.
  5. Take Holiday photos.  With a camera or a phone that takes good quality photos, a tripod or selfie stick and a nice Christmas-y indoor or outdoor background, you can already have your own mini and quick holiday-themed photo shoot.  Check out Pinterest for inspiration.
  6. Volunteer together.  Last but not the least is a very meaningful and fulfilling activity that you can do together.  Spread the love and your blessings with other people by giving back to the community and the less fortunate, most especially.  Check online and in your local neighborhood for volunteering opportunities.

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