6 Essential Habits That Successful Women Live By

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Growing up, I’ve always aimed for success – to be on top of whatever career I chose and able to live a good life.  Fast forward to today, I’m still here wondering when I will finally reach the “successful woman status” that I’ve been dreaming about since forever ago. (Haha! I’m sure many of you can relate.)

But on a serious note, sitting and wondering won’t get us anywhere. I’m sure that our time will eventually come so for now, let’s use the waiting time to learn from other powerful women and apply them to our daily habits.

I did a bunch of research myself so I’m sharing with you a few bits from our fellow women’s success stories.

Start each day with a good mindset.

According to a 2013 article on Huffpost, setting an intention every morning will change your life because when you are specific with how you want to feel, you get to create the life you want to live. A positive mindset will help you steer clear of negativity that can just ruin your day.  You can even kick this up a notch by visualizing an already successful life aside from just surviving the day.

Keep a list of everything.

Having a list of your tasks and goals will keep you accountable always, which an important key to personal and professional success. The kind of tool to use depends on you – whether it’s an app, a planner, etc.

Always have a back-up plan.

I know I mentioned about keeping a positive mindset but having a plan when things don’t go according to plan is an essential tool to prevent failure. I mean, failures are inevitable, but isn’t it so much easier to handle when you have a back up plan? So yeah, although being positive is great, planning for the worst-case scenario is not bad either.

Never miss those opportunities to shine.

The best way to gain success is to do what others are afraid to do. It’s good to get out of your comfort zone and always grab the chance to shine in every opportunity available whether at work, in the community, or wherever.

Never compare yourself to others.

It’s okay to look at other women for inspiration but never compare yourself to them because this will just ignite self-doubt and sabotage your confidence.  We all have our own share of insecurities but how to handle them is up to us. Make a conscious effort to pick yourself up and never let the insecurities make you feel inferior to others.

Give importance to both your physical and mental health.

I don’t think there’s a need to explain why.  I found that all powerful and successful women in the world dedicates time each day for physical and mental exercise.

Stay healthy or you won’t get to enjoy your future success. 🙂

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