6 Places to Cash In Old Electronics

If you are a tech enthusiast, I’m sure you have a lot of devices collecting dust at home.  Okay, so they’re outdated but if these devices are still in good condition, you can easily convert those into quick cash.  A number of e-commerce sites offer cash or gift cards for your old laptops, iPods, video games, consoles, DVD’s an a lot more.

Interested to turn those old gizmos into cash?  Here are 6 places to cash in your pre-loved electronics.

1. Amazon

With its Trade-In Program, you can exchange thousands of items including Kindles, video games, DVDs, tablets, mobile phones, photo gear and more for an Amazon Gift card.  Just send in your devices for appraisal and within 2 business days, you will be notified whether your pre-loved item was accepted or rejected.

2. Best Buy

Just like Amazon, Best Buy also has a program that checks the value of your tech and trade them it at a store or by mail in exchange for a gift card.  Product categories available for trade in includes cell phones, tablets, e-readers, mp3 players, game hardware, video games, cameras, wearable tech and a lot more.  Best Buy allows bulk trade ins depending on the type of device.

3. Gazelle

The site is exclusive for buying and selling used electronic devices, even the broken ones.  Trade in your items on Gazelle and receive an Amazon Gift Card or cash through Paypal or check.

4. Nextworth

The site offers a buyback recycling program for cell phones, iPods, tablets, computers, video games and consoles.  You can exchange your pre-used devices for cash, Target gift card or discounts on newer models.

5. Glyde

Get cashed for your gently-used electronics such as tablets, phones, MacBooks, iPads, video games, etc.  Selling here is very easy.  List your items for free without any photo to upload or lengthy descriptions to write.  Once your item sells, Glyde will send you shipping kit for delivery, fully insured and tracked.

6. GameStop

GameStop allows trade in for your video games, consoles, systems and game accessories in exchange for cash, store credit or discounts for your next purchase.

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