6 Things You Can Find at Home to Sell for Quick Cash

We’re only about two weeks away from Christmas.  Have you already saved enough cash ready to celebrate the upcoming festivities? Because we all know that the holidays can be pretty pricey – décor, gift shopping, travels, back to back parties, and the list goes on and on.

If you haven’t beefed up your bank accounts yet in time for the holidays, well it’s time to generate cash as quick as possible.  Sounds easy, but how?

Of course you can get a part time job, sell handmade goods or find freelance work online.  However, these money making opportunities require time and effort.  Sometimes, we need money fast and we need it right away.

Well, your best bet is to sell stuff – don’t worry, you don’t need to rummage through your great-grandmother’s china collection to make ends meet… just random stuff you can find from your own home.

Here are 6 of the easiest items to sell for quick cash:

1. Books

The rarer the book, the higher the value.  But don’t worry, there are lots of places to sell your used books, both online and in stores.  Although selling in bookstores is much faster, selling your books online is very easy too.  Most websites just require you to enter the ISBN of the book then get an instant price quote, vendor then have the payment sent through Paypal.

2. Vinyl Records

The old school record players are making a huge comeback.  If you or your parents still have vinyl records, some of those can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on the artist.

3. Glass Bottles

Yes, there’s actually a website where you can sell glass bottles.  On the site Collectors Weekly, you can see a list of most-wanted specimens.

4. Gift Cards

When all else fails, just sell your unused gift cards.  I’m sure ou have one or two stashed somewhere.  There are a number of sites where you can exchange your gift cards to cash such as Raise.com.

5. Children’s Toys and Clothing

These things sell fast!  You can even resell kids’ clothes and toys (especially those big ones like plastic play houses) on Facebook groups.

6. Sports Equipment

These also sell fast because it’s something that people usually prefer to buy second hand.  You can also ysell our sports equipment on Facebook groups for  a faster transanction.

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