6 Ways to Make Money this Holiday Season

The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to make some money.  I mean, who doesn’t want to earn extra cash to cover up all the holiday expenses to be spent on gifts, food and probably a vacation for the New Year.

If you are willing to do some extra work, here are 6 money-making opportunities that you can do this holiday season.

1. Get a seasonal job.

A bunch of seasonal jobs are at the tips of your fingers during the holiday season.  Online or on newspapers, you can search for seasonal job posts available in your area – from running cash registers to people stocking shelves, holiday decorators to call center representatives, you’ll surely find something that fits your skills.

2. Sell your skills.

Speaking of skills, it’s time to make money out of those!  If you have a talent for arts & crafts, offer decorating and gift wrapping services.  You can also make personalized and customized gift items such as mugs, bags, shirts, pillows, phone cases and shirts with your own design.  Selling homemade gifts and holiday cards will surely be in demand.

3. Sell sweets for Christmas.

Desserts are great gift ideas for the holidays.  If you love baking, it’s the perfect time to start getting orders.  Aside from making sure that your finished product is scrumptious, you have to work on the presentation and the packaging too.  You know how much people these days are all about the aesthetics so make sure your treats are Instagram-worthy.  Check out Pinterest for ideas on how to make your cookies, brownies, cake jars and other desserts ready to be sold for the holidays

4. Cook for a fee.

If you are not into baking but love to cook, I’m sure that a lot of busy individuals would love to order home cooked casseroles for holiday parties.

5. Do baby/house/pet-sitting.

A lot of families will be traveling this holiday season which gives you opportunities to offer watching over or taking care of their homes or their furry friends.  Holidays can be a busy time for parents juggling Christmas shopping, last-minute errands and holiday parties so I’m pretty sure that babysitters will be in demand too.

6. Run errands.

Lastly, you can offer to run errands for those who have zero time for their holiday shopping, housekeeping, dry cleaning pick up, travel booking, grocery shopping, etc.  Check out TaskRabbit.com to see potential jobs nearby.

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