6 Ways to Make Money from Your Vehicle

Thanks to modern technology, your car isn’t just a means to take you to different places anymore.  Owning a car can now become a money-making opportunity.  Well, probably enough to cover for gas, insurance, repairs and some other stuff.

Turn your car into an asset instead of it being a liability by using it as a way to bring money to the table and have your car pay for itself.

If you’re interested, here are 6 ways to use your car to make some extra cash.

1. Join on-demand transport services.

The demand for independent “taxis” has been constantly growing that’s why more and more companies are offering transport services on demand.  I’m sure you’ve heard about Uber and Lyft but there are more companies besides these two.  All you need is a newer model car with insurance, a clean driving record and a smartphone to work full-time or part-time depending on your available schedule.

2. Sign up for a delivery service.

If you don’t like driving people around, you can offer delivery service instead.  Companies like Postmates, DoorDash, TaskRabbit and Munchery are constantly accepting drivers who can pick up and deliver food or other items for customers within your area.

3. Transport items for others.

If you own an SUV or a pick-up truck, you can use it to earn cash by transporting objects for other people.  Not only will you get paid for your car but for your “manpower” services as well.  Check out TaskRabbit, Dolly, GoShare and Buddytruk if you have that in your area.  You can even find customers or advertise your service on Craigslist if you want to.

4. Wrap your car with paid advertising.

If you don’t mind having your car wrapped in advertisement, you can make hundreds of dollars just by driving as you normally would.  You can sign up with MyFreeCar, Wrapify or Carvertise.  The amount that you can earn depends on the ad space, the size of your vehicle, your daily commute and the location where you regularly drive around.

5. Turn your car into a pet taxi.

Pet taxis have become a thing these days – for seniors and busy working professionals who need help transporting their pets for vet and groomer appointments.  This business is perfect for animal lovers.

6. Offer personal transportation services to seniors.

Elders, especially the ones living alone, need help going to and from their medical appointments, personal errands and social events.  Check out Care.com or visit your local senior care facilities to find out how you can offer your services and earn money on the side.

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