7 Productivity Hacks for People Who Work From Home


Thanks to 24/7 connectivity, more and more people have embraced the idea of working from home – whether it’s running a home-based business, a freelance job or simply doing some work out of the office.

Working from home has a lot of perks like having flexible work hours and saving time and costs but of course, there are downsides too.  There are more distractions and disruptions when you are at home which can interfere with your concentration and productivity as opposed to working at an actual office.

To prevent that, here are 7 hacks to keep you on top of your work from home routine.

1. Designate a Clean and Quite Space for Working

Building a decked out home office isn’t necessary but you have to make sure that you have a spot at home, away from where you relax, designated as your work station.  Working on your couch or your bed with the TV in front of you might sound appealing but if you want to be productive, this is definitely a move that you should never do.

2. Buy a good desk chair.

A good ergonomic chair is an investment that you’ll thank yourself every day.  In order to be productive and avoid aches & pains, you need to be comfortable while working.

3. Get dressed.

One of the benefits of working at home is that you aren’t required to dress up for work but changing out of your pajamas is advised to transition yourself from sleepy to work mode.

4. Have regular working hours.

Although you have flexible hours, having your own “office hours” is ideal for efficiency and productivity.  Not setting a fixed work schedule might result to procrastinating and bad work habits.  So just like working at an office, implement a schedule for yourself too – when to start and end your shift and the breaks in between.

5. Plan your day.

I personally find planning my work day or week helpful in maintaining efficiency and productivity.  Before you start your first shift of the week or the day, make a list of the things that you need to accomplish and tick off every task completed along the way.

6. Have breaks in between.

Don’t forget to get up from your desk to grab a snack or do some stretching exercises to keep your blood flowing and of course, avoid getting overwhelmed with all the tasks for the day.

7. Keep work separate from personal life.

This is the biggest challenge when working from home – especially if you are a parent.  Let the people at home know your working hours or set a schedule where your kids are at school to avoid getting distracted with people or your personal responsibilities.

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