7 Seasonal Job Ideas During Ski Season

For people who love the snow, skiing or snowboarding, it’s the perfect time to get a side job and earn money by doing something you enjoy.  Now that it’s the ski season, having a seasonal job at ski resorts will give you a lot of perks like free ski passes, discounts on equipment and more.  It’s a great opportunity to work and play at the same time.

But ski season jobs aren’t just limited to outdoor work, there are also tons of indoor workforce needed.  Here’s a list of job ideas that you can apply to this ski season.

1. Snowsports Instructor

If you are not yet a qualified, you can enroll in a ski & snowboard training course and get a guaranteed offer of employment as a Ski Instructor upon finishing the course.  You can become a qualified Ski Instructor not only in the US but in Canada, Japan, New Zealand or Switzerland as well.

2. Ski Resort Manager

If you’ve already experienced working in ski resorts in the past, you can use that experience to step up and apply for a management job.

3. Chalet Managers

This is the other side of ski resorts.  The role of Chalet Managers is to provide guests with an excellent holiday and making sure that their needs are taken care of.

4. Ski Chef Jobs

Now if you have the skills, you can apply as a chef or catering staff in ski resorts.  Most resorts don’t require a professional sous chef not unless you are applying as a head chef.  For less demanding chef jobs, previous hospitality or customer service experience are okay.

5. Ticket Scanning Agent

This position is guest service-oriented and is perfect for those who have upbeat and outgoing attitude.  Your role is to greet and engage guests while scanning tickets.  This also requires patience, politeness and respect since you will be answering questions that guests might have.

6. Beauty Therapist and Masseuse

Qualified beauty therapist and masseuse are also needed in ski chalets.  This is part of their in-resort services where beauty and spa treatments are offered to the guests.

7. Snow Removal Crew

This is an entry level job that doesn’t really require any specific skills.  As long as you are physically fit to work standing for long hours, lift and carry heavy objects, bend and squat – you’re qualified.  Basically, the members of the Snow Removal Department are responsible in ensuring safety to the general public by inspecting facilities regularly and clearing away snow.

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