7 Small Businesses to Start this Fall

With less than a hundred days before Christmas, we can officially say that the holiday season is almost here.  And we know what that means – we need to start saving!

On my previous article, “How to Increase Savings this Fall,” I mentioned about finding a side hustle, whether it’s a part time job or a small business.  What’s great about the change of season is that it also opens up a new set of opportunities to make extra money. When the leaves are falling, the opportunities are knocking too! 

To give you some ideas, here are 7 small businesses you can start this fall.

1. Close down summer homes.

If you live in an area where there are lots of vacation homes, owners may need people to give these summer homes a deep clean before they close them up for the new season.

2. Offer yard or lawn care services.

Start raking leaves – or should I say cash?  Yard or Lawn Care Service is a great all-year kind of business that you can start now if you haven’t done so yet.  This fall, you can use your free time to clean up leaves, weed mulch beds, etc. for a fee.

3. Be a professional organizer.

Some home or office owners may require a service to put away summer gear and décor, box up summer clothes and accessories and organize their closets, garage and other storage.  So use that OC-ness of yours to earn some extra cash.

4. Do tutoring.

School season may be tough for some families – some parents are just way too busy to focus on their child’s school needs.  If you enjoy teaching, a lot of busy parents are willing to pay for tutoring services for their children.

5. Plan parties.

Fall is a season of back to back holidays.  If are good at throwing unique and one of a kind parties, an eye for detail, a creative mind and crafty hands, now is the perfect time to provide party planning services for homes, offices, etc.

6. Sell home-cooked dishes and treats.

Speaking of back to back holidays, make use of your culinary talent and bake or cook for parties and gatherings – whether it’s just cooking a few dishes, baking some sweet treats or go all-out and have a full-on catering service.

7. Decorate homes and offices.

Some people just want to go all out when it comes to decking out their homes or offices for the holidays – Halloween, Christmas, etc.  If this is your niche, have fun decorating for these people while getting paid for your services.


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