8 Enjoyable Books About Money That Kids Will Love

If you want to set your children up for future success, it’s vital to teach them about financial responsibility from an early age, as it is one of the critical skills that will help them thrive in this rapidly changing world.

Money is a challenging topic to teach kids as young as young as three or four, but who said that you need to lecture them about numbers, stocks, and other complicated discussions about finance?  There are numerous ways to introduce this topic to young minds in a fun and interesting way, and one of them is through children’s books.

From books about earning money to the ones about savings, I rounded up a list of children’s money books that every kid will surely enjoy. I should mention that one of the very best things you can do for your pre-school child is read to him or her daily. These books are all great for reading aloud to your child.

1. The Go Around Dollar (6-9 y.o)

In this fascinating and informative book, Barbara Adams & Joyce Zairns will allow your kids to follow the life of a dollar bill traveling from one person to another, and see the numerous ways that this dollar bill is used and spent.

It also comes with fascinating facts about dollar bills from the meaning of the symbols to how long the average dollar stays in circulation.

2. A Dollar, A Penny, How Much, and How Many? (5-9 y.o)

This humorous book by Brian P. Cleary and Brian Gable explains the basics of bills and coins.

It will show children how to count and combine pennies, nickels, fives, tens, etc. through peppy rhymes, goofy illustrations, and kid-friendly examples.


3. Rock, Brock, and the Savings Shock (7-9 y.o)

The story of this humorous book is about twin brothers, Rock and Brock, who had different spending habits. For ten straight weeks, their grandfather gave them a dollar per week but with a catch – “Listen now, for here’s the trick, each buck you save, I’ll match it quick. But spend it, there’s no extra dough, so save your cash, and watch it grow.”

While Rock was spending his money, Brock was saving his.  So by the end of summer, Brock had $512, while Rock had none.  This is definitely a nice story to teach kids the importance of a good spending habit.

4. A Dollar for Penny (4-6 y.o)

Written by Julie Glass and illustrated by Joy Allen, this delightful story is about a girl who set up a lemonade stand and sold refreshments to buy her mother a birthday card.

This book doesn’t just teach about entrepreneurship but basic math as well, in a fun and interesting way.


5. If You Made a Million (4-8 y.o)

In this non-fiction picture book by by David M. Schwartz and Steven Kellogg, your kids will learn lessons about earning money, investing it, accruing dividends and interest, and watching savings grow.

This book is definitely a good introduction for mathematics and economics.

It was written nearly 25 years ago, so it’s not available in Kindle format, which is really a shame, but it is available through Prime, so you can get it in 3 days or less.

6. Lemonade in Winter (3-7 y.o)

This book is about two siblings who decided to sell lemonades on a cold winter day.  Yes, a lemonade on winter, which then showed the cold realities of opening up a business and the planning and decision-making that come with it.

It’s a cute story (with cute drawings as well) that kids can surely learn a lot from.

This is targeted for children 3-7 years old, but given the catchy refrain and cute pictures (and the illustration of the aftermath of searching under couch cushions), it makes a great read-aloud book for the younger set of that range.

7. Bunny Money (3-6 y.o)

Do you know Max and Ruby?  Well, this story by Rosemary Wells tells a story about some money mishaps that Max and Ruby experienced with their money that was initially saved up to buy their grandma a present.

In this book, children will easily understand the values of saving money and the consequences of spending it on wans instead of needs.

This is another publication that has been around for a long time (published nearly 20 years ago), so is available only in paperback or library binding.

8. When Times Are Tough

Saving the best for last, this thoughtful and touching book is about a fictional family facing financial problems, which is a crisis that most kids can relate to but don’t really understand much about.

Most of the time, it’s hard for children to understand why they can’t buy new toys anymore, or go on vacations like they used to, but it’s a lot harder for parents to answer the question “why.”

This book, I believe, is a great tool for parents to explain the economic challenges that are happening in their life right now in an entertaining, easy-to-understand and very optimistic way.  This timeless and reassuring tale is definitely a must-read for every kid, whether the family is going through financial struggles or not.

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