8 Things You Can Rent Out For Extra Income

Sharing is caring, that’s true.  But did you know that your good deed can also give you a little extra cash?

I’m sure you’ve heard about collaborative consumption, peer-to-peer business, sharing economy – these are pretty much the current buzzwords since a lot of consumers nowadays prefer the idea of “access” rather than owning.

Interested to have another source of income?  Here are 8 things you can rent out for some extra dollars.

1. Your extra room in your house.

These days, travelers prefer renting out a room in locals’ homes instead of staying in expensive hotels.  So if you have an extra room or even just a couch in your house, post a listing on one of these sites:  Airbnb, FlipKey or HomeAway.

2. Your unused office space.

With the rise of the “work from anywhere” type of jobs, some freelancers need a temporary office space where they can plop their laptop for a certain period of time and get their work done.  If you have a space or table in your office, check out Desktime or ShareDesk.

3. Your car.

There are numerous ways to use your car to earn extra money.  Join on-demand transport services such as Uber and Lyft or wrap your car with advertising  by signing up on one of these sites:  MyFreeCarWrapify or Carvertise.

Carpooling has become a business nowadays too.  If you don’t mind sharing a ride with total passengers, you can try Zimride or UberPOOL.

4. Your bike, surfboard, skis or snowboard.

If you own one  of these rides, you can make up to $500/month through Splinster.com by sharing it with racers, travelers and enthusiasts.  Put up your gear for lease without any fees and even get insurance coverage for it.

5. Your tools & equipment.

Now’s the perfect time to rent out your tools and equipment since it’s Spring Cleaning time already.  You can put up a listing on Loanables or Craigslist and safely rent out your equipment to people in your area.

6. Your photography equipment.

Whether you are a professional photographer or not, I’m sure you don’t really use your camera equipment 24/7.  Rent out your cameras, lenses, lights and other photography gear on KitSplit.com where creators and gear connect.

7. Your wedding dress.

I know… you spent tons of cash for that gorgeous wedding dress that you only used once, and probably never again.  But don’t worry because Borrowing Magnolia will help you make money out of that investment.  All you need to do is answer a few questions on their site to know how much you can make by renting or selling your wedding dress.

8. Yourself.

Lastly, you are your most valuable resource.  Rent out your services and expertise by checking out sites like TaskRabbit, Fiverr, Upwork and CareerBuilder, to name a few.

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