8 Ways to Make Your Summer Garage Sale a Success


Summer is a prime season for garage sales so if you’re ready to clear some clutter out of your house, then it’s time to turn them into cash.

However, hosting a yard sale isn’t that easy as it sounds.  If you really want to earn lots of money out of it, you need to put in time and effort and follow a plan from beginning to end.

To get you started, here are 8 tips to make your summer garage sale a success (and put more money in your pocket of course):

1. Declutter your house thoroughly.

Remember, the more stuff you have, the more potential for your garage sale to succeed.  So take your time to go through every room in your house – including closets, attic, basement and garage.  Just put everything you no longer use or love and don’t underestimate the value of an item.

2. Check on permits.

Before organizing your garage sale, make sure to check with your city if you are required to have a permit because some cities do.

3. Plan the date and time strategically.

If your schedule permits, run a multi-day sale – like Friday to Sunday.  And start early because most customers like to shop when it’s cooler outside.

4. Take advantage of community events.

Some cities and towns host community-wide garage sales in park districts, schools or churches.  This is a great way to make more money since most shoppers will be there plus, they will do most of the advertising for you.

5. Advertise online and the old-fashioned way.

Speaking of advertising, this is a crucial step in organizing a garage sale so that more people will actually show up.  Aside from the classic flyers and signs, advertise online through Craigslist and Social Media – your neighborhood’s Facebook pages and on your personal account as well.

6. Make sure everything’s clean.

Just because you’re selling your “junk” doesn’t mean that you can items that look like “junk.”  Wipe down or wash items that are dusty and dirty.  People will be willing to pay more for an item that looks nice and clean.

7. Make your set-up visually appealing.

Presentation is the key to attract customers driving or walking by to come  to your garage sale and to keep shoppers wanting to stay and go through your items.  Organize your items neatly in different categories such as clothes, accessories, home goods, books, kids’ toys, etc.

8. Price your items fairly.

Make sure the prices of your items are fair and accurate.  Most people will just walk away as soon as they see something that’s priced too high.  And don’t forget to price your items individually because things can get mixed up as the sale progresses.

Garage sales can be a lot of work but make it fun and just enjoy the process.  When you do, you radiate a friendly and welcoming environment and people are more likely to browse and make purchases.

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