8 Ways to Save Money on Accommodation

If you’re looking for ways to save on your travels, your choice of accommodation would be a good start.  It takes a big chunk out of your travel budget and reducing that can lead to big savings.

However, finding the cheapest place to stay isn’t always the best option.  You just have to find the one with the best value without sacrificing comfort.

So here are 8 tips that will save you money on your next vacation:

1. Browse privately.

When searching online for good deals on accommodation, go incognito or private mode on your browser.  Online stores usually store search data as a strategy to track what its visitors are interested in purchasing and use that info to charge more.

2. Watch out for Deals and Coupons.

Sign up for newsletters, check out social media accounts and do some online search for deals and discounts on accommodation.  But don’t fall for any deal you see online.  Make sure that it’s not a rip off.  Don’t give out any personal information or credit card details.

3. Inquire for family deals.

If you’re traveling with your family, especially with your kids, check if they are giving family deals such as discounted rates, free upgrade, free meals or access to exclusive amenities.

4. Stay outside the city center.

If it won’t cost you much to travel to and from your accommodation and the main tourist spot, staying outside the city center is a great idea to save you cash.

5. Travel during the shoulder-season.

Obviously, prices go up when it’s the peak season.  But traveling during the time between the peak and off-peak season will give you lower costs, lesser crowd while still enjoying a favorable weather.  Win-win!

6. Avoid the weekends.

In some locations, accommodation costs usually rise during Fridays and Saturdays, sometimes double or even triple!  So avoiding the weekend would be a strategic way to save money.

7. Stay in apartments or rental homes.

You’ll save tons if you ditch the hotel and go for apartments or rental homes.  It’s cheaper, more practical and gives you more freedom unlike hotels with strict regulations.  You’ll save a lot on food since these types of accommodations have kitchen that the guests can use.  This is ideal for those traveling in groups.

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8. Consider a hostel.

A hostel isn’t just for backpackers or those traveling solo.  And the rooms aren’t limited to dormitory-style where you have to share a room with other travelers.  A number of hostels offer private and family rooms too.  Hostels are abundant in Asia, Europe and Australia.  If you are traveling internationally, a hostel is definitely worth considering.

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