Become a Minimalist and Save Loads of Cash

A new lifestyle that’s becoming a trend nowadays is “Minimalism”.  It is described as a lifestyle of owning just the essentials which can change lives and bring a number of benefits.  Aside from having less clutter in your home or your workplace, the best benefit that you can get from becoming a minimalist is the amount of money that you can save.

One important rule in minimalism is only buying the things that you really need which saves you a lot of cash from impulse and unnecessary purchases.  At one point, I am sure that you are guilty of buying something that you don’t really need but because your co-workers or friends have it, you end up buying it too.  Trying to fit in is one of the culprits of having an expensive lifestyle.

Shopping deals can also be blamed for the unnecessary purchases.  “Buy one Get 1 Free”, “Buy Two, Get 1 for 50% off” – you think that these are great deals but actually, they’re not.  You think you saved cash when in reality, you might not even use the other item and just end up wasting that extra money spent. A true minimalist won’t fall for the trap.  She will think first if she really needs the “extra item” before snagging the deal.

Having less items also mean that there are fewer items to clean and maintain.  So this gives you lesser chances of paying for repairs and using up your cleaning materials.

Bottom-line is that having this mind set can bring you a sense of freedom which will free you from greed, obsession and overspending.  There’s more to life than just material possessions.

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