Budget-Friendly Tips to Save Money at NFL Games

According to a survey conducted by GoBankingRates.com, the average cost for two people attending a home game would be around $200, including stadium food and parking fees.  That’s only the average – in certain stadiums, it’s a lot higher.  A Chicago Bears Game at Soldier Field, for example, would cost you around $351 and $337 for Washington Redskins Game at FedEx Field.

That being said, football games today really do come with a hefty price tag.  To make sure you don’t go broke by the end of football season, here are some Budget-Friendly tips to keep in mind.

Make a last minute ticket purchase.

Yes, you can actually snag some cheap tickets during the last-minute, according to an article on Fromthisseat.com. “Purchasing your tickets one week in advance will save you 18%-20% compared to purchasing a month in advance. (SeatGeek).”  On-the-spot scalpers will sell tickets at a veeeery low price once the kickoff approaches.  So if you’re willing to take a risk, just wait until just before the game to purchase your ticket.

Take advantage of Free Shuttle Service.

Some bars near the venue usually offer a free shuttle service.  So if you want a free ride to the stadium, why not take advantage of this?

Park farther away from the stadium.

Another way to save money is to just drive as close to the stadium where parking is still free, or the cheapest, and just walk or book a ride-hailing service to the game.  Make sure to do your research first and plan in advance before hitting the road.

Eat before the game.

Stadium snacks can get overpriced.  Fun Fact, the average price for a hot dog is $5, soft drink is $4.79 and beer is $7.38, and that’s only for 1 person eating 1 hot dog and drinking 1 soda or beer.  To make sure you don’t go hungry without spending tons of dollars for stadium food, go to the stadium with a full stomach.

Bring your own snacks.

Different stadiums have different rules for bringing snacks and drinks.  So do your research before packing your game munchies.  This is an opportunity that you should take advantage off if you want to save money during the game.

Cut the costs of your NFL fan gear.

You can show your team spirit without spending a fortune on NFL fan gear.  Check online for coupons or DIY your gear to save cash.


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