Cheap DIY Gift Ideas for the Holidays

It’s that time of the year when we need to start writing down our Christmas Shopping List and putting much thought on what to get your family and friends as gifts.  However, it’s not every year that we are capable of spending for fancy gifts.

If you are pretty tight on the budget this year, it’s time to get creative and use your hidden artsy skills for some cheap DIY gift ideas.  I know… we are still more than a month away from December 25th but if you are planning to DIY, you better start early.  (Some of these projects are great for last minute gift ideas too.  So if you are reading this a week before Christmas, then you’re just in luck.)

Handmade Soaps

All natural soaps are very popular these days and it can be pretty pricey.  But don’t worry because you can easily make it at home with inexpensive ingredients that you may already have in your own kitchen and pantry.  On Wellness Mama, you can find different soap recipes depending on what kind you want to make.

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are those soap-like thingies that ad essential oils, fragrance and color to bathwater.  They were invented and popularized by Lush which is the go-to brand for natural bath product lovers.  Bath bombs are very cute gift ideas but if you buy it from Lush, expect to spend $5-$8 for a single Bath Bomb that can be used only once.  To know how to make your own, find the recipe here on

Monogrammed Coffee Mug

61nvkaxq0el-_sl1500_This monogrammed coffee mug looks really fancy which retails for $18 on Amazon but let me tell you, if you recreate this, you can already make 4 mugs out of your 20 bucks.   All you need is a plain white mug that you can get in bulk ($24 for a set of 6) from Amazon if you are planning to make a bunch of them for family and friends.  To write the initials, pick a paint marker that writes on ceramics like this DecoArt Paint Marker that you can get for $7).  So if you do the math, you’ll just be spending around $5 for each!

Personalized Wine Glass and Beer Mugs

81f17b-qebl-_sx522_Same goes for this gift idea.  Just buy plain wine glassescups or beer mugs and personalize each with a funny saying, name or a quote using the same marker mentioned above.  Easy and cheap!

Marble Ring Dish

A ring dish from Kate Spade costs a whopping $30!  Thanks to A Beautiful Mess, you can now make a cheaper version out of Oven Bake clay.  Read and see photo instructions here.

Tea Cup Lights

61vqs34okhl-_sl1500_If you have a bunch of tea cups laying around and just collecting dust at home, why not turn it into a vintage tea cup candle?  If you don’t have one at home, you can buy it from thrift shops at a relatively low price.  This idea is from and you can click here to know how to make your own.

Zipper Pouches

If you have a hidden talent in sewing, then put those skills to good use by making your own pouches, phone cases or make up bags.  All you need is some cute and inexpensive fabrics, zippers, threads and needles.  Check out this tutorial from Youtube to find out how you can sew your DIY zipper pouch.



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