Earning Opportunities for the Music Lovers

A lot of people listen to music for entertainment and as a hobby but there are those who go beyond that by using their passion for music as a way to earn money.  So, if you have the passion and the skills, why not take a look at these money-making opportunities and get your chance in doing something you love.

Offer tutorials.

You can do this at home, online or in client’s homes.    If you are good in singing or in playing instruments, you can offer your teaching services to those who are interested to learn.  This is also a chance to hone your skills at the same time.

Play cover gigs.

You can perform at bars, restaurants, weddings and other events and get paid really well.  You have to start small before making it big, right?

Do covers on Youtube.

Another way to possibly earn and get “discovered” is through the internet – specifically, on Youtube.  A lot of big music stars started on Youtube.  There are also a lot ways on how you can monetize the videos that you upload.

Do online music reviews.

Yes, you can get paid by giving your opinions and honest reviews on a music album or single.  There are popular sites where you can do this such as Slice the Pie and Music Xray, but you can also do this on your social media account, blog or Youtube.

Write songs/Compose music.

For songwriters, you can write songs or compose music for other musicians for small ads, film or television.  Get your tracks sold on sites like Audio Jungle.

Become a DJ.

Disc Jockeys make a lot of money these days so why not join the business?  You can get hired to play in private parties and earn big.

Sell old records.

Most music lovers are big collectors too.  Nowadays, vinyl records sell really well and are high in demand.  So if you own old records, why not make big money out of it by selling them?  There are a number of online marketplaces where you can sell your records like Amazon, Ebay and Discogs.

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