Get Paid to Run Errands in Your Area

Are you looking for ways to make money on the side?  Well, it’s time to use that multi-tasking, organizational or handy skills to complete errands for busy people in your area and get paid for it.  Not to mention, you can do it on your schedule which means that you can work only during your free time or whenever you want.  No pressure, no deadlines.

To get you started, here are 5 websites where you can find a bunch of people looking to hire your errand services.

Task Rabbit

There’s a myriad of job opportunities on Task Rabbit – from grocery shopping to house cleaning, picking up prescriptions from the pharmacy to dropping off donations, and even building Ikea furniture.  With all the tasks available on the site, you’ll surely find one that fits your skills and schedule.

TaskRabbit is currently available in 18 cities in the US and in London as well!  As a tasker, you can set your own rates, schedule and type of work you want to do.

Door Dash

Door Dash is an on-demand restaurant delivery service.  So your task is to pick-up your customer’s order from a restaurant or food chain and deliver it to them.  To become a dasher, you must have your own vehicle or bicycle.  If you are familiar with Uber, it’s basically an Uber for food orders.

You can work whenever you want and earn up to $25/hour.  Plus, you get to keep 100% of your tips.

Agent Anything

This platform is geared towards the student workforce.  The company aims to help struggling students by giving them an opportunity to earn extra money at their own pace and time.  “Missions” vary from typing jobs to other web tasks, store pick-up to deliveries, distributing flyers to a holiday party security guard.

We Go Look

Get paid to look and verify the condition of things like automobiles, buildings, auction items and more.  All you need is a phone with camera to take photos of whatever the client wants you to look at.  Basically, as a looker, you will meet the contact and perform the inspection in behalf of your client and make a report.


If you have a passion for grocery shopping (yes, some have… including me), turn that into a money machine by working for Instacart.  Your role is to shop and deliver groceries to people who are way too busy to get their own groceries.  You get to schedule your work around your own life, have fun shopping (that doesn’t involve your money) and get paid for it.

There’s no reason to sit on the couch all day and complain that looking for job is hard.  As long as you have the perseverance to make a living, the options are endless.

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