Helpful Sites to Save Money When Shopping Online

Thanks to the power of internet, we can now buy whatever we want with just a few clicks, taps and swipes, without having to leave the house.  However, because of how easy and convenient online shopping is the chances of overspending and unnecessary purchases are high.  That’s why money saving sites are heaven sent.  If you use the right resources, you can find the best deal and even earn money back while shopping online.


This site has a long-standing reputation for giving cashback on your online purchases.  You don’t get discounts or deals upfront but if you shop through their site, you get up to 25% cash back.  Signing up is free and Ebates works with 2,000 retailers including Walmart, Target, Macy’s and more.


For instant savings online, RetailMeNot offers  500,000+ discounts and promo codes for 50,000 stores.  Just select your location and a bunch of deals and coupon codes will available in your area will show up – from high end cosmetics to auto parts, books, toys and even pizza!


This site helps you find online deals on local goods AND services.  I’ve personally used Groupon for restaurant deals, discounted salon and spa services and to purchase random discounted products.


If you are looking for discounted designer goods, Poshmark is a great place to score major deals on new and pre-loved fashion.  Aside from getting good deals, you can also sell your clothes on the site and make extra money.


When looking for new gadgets and electronics, it’s a must to do your research before making your purchase.  Not just to read about reviews, but to compare prices and get the best deals. is an online destination for shoppers seeking the best deals on the latest technology and home goods.


PriceGrabber is a price matching site for all sorts of items – from groceries to jewelries and clothing, electronics to auto parts, appliances, furniture and more!  It even has a research tool, Market Report, where you can use to track consumer purchases and product pricing trends.


Whoever created this site is a genius and a very generous human being.  NeighborGoods allow you to share, borrow or rent things from your neighbors and friends.  Need a ladder, a sleeping bag or a couple of extra tables for a party?  Just go to the site, enter your location, type what you need and look at the available listings.  No need to spend money on something that you won’t be using everyday.

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