Helpful Ways to Find Real Deals on Amazon

With over 2 million sellers and almost 400 million products listed on, finding the best and real deals can be challenging.

You think you’ve found the best bargain, only to find out after placing your order that there are similar items sold for a much lesser price.

Or you end up buying a certain product based on good reviews, only to receive a poor quality product that doesn’t even look like the one on the photo.  Yes, fake items and reviews are quite common on Amazon.

Fortunately, there are many ways to avoid these pitfalls.  Let me share with you a few ways to do this, based on an article written by Kim Komando, a popular consumer tech expert, on USA Today.

First is the use of trusted Price Tracking Tools like CamelCamelCamel, which is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates program.

Using this app will give you access to every Amazon listing and will show you the item’s price and sales rank history to make better and smarter decisions.  By being able to map out the price trend of a certain item, you can learn that the “deep discount” you think you are getting is not a discount at all.

CamelCamelCamel and other price tracker apps also have a feature where you can set up and alert and receive notifications when that certain item’s price drops.

Next, would be to spot fake reviews.  It’s so easy to get tricked of “good reviews” nowadays since it’s quite common for sellers to give free items or pay people to post positive reviews.  You can use apps like ReviewMeta or FakeSpot but most importantly, you, as a buyer, should be keen in finding what’s fake and what’s real.

Here’s an article I wrote where I talked about how you can easily spot fake reviews on Amazon:


With a number of items that’s almost similar as the entire population of America, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for.  But at the same time, gives you a higher chance of getting tricked and scammed as well.  Follow the tips mentioned above to make sure that you get the best and the most authentic deals on your next purchase.


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