How to Attract Money Into Your Life

“Wealth is not a material gain, but a state of mind.” – Jerry Gillies

I am a firm believer that each of us has the power to change our entire world by believing that we can.  I’ve read and watched a lot of testimonials of powerful and successful people who started from nothing and now have the lives that they’ve always wanted because they never stopped dreaming, believing and imagining it.

Attracting money may sometimes sound impossible, especially when you are at the lowest point of your life, but that’s the whole point here, you need to get up and change the way you see life.

If you are struggling with attracting money into your life, here are a few practices and steps that you can do to open more opportunities for financial abundance.

Let go of your worries and fears.

These things hinder you from attracting money to come into your life.  It may be hard at first but you need to stop worrying about money, security and all sorts of doubts.  By doing this, you cast out all negativities, increase your faith and find yourself beginning to attract prosperity and abundance into your life.

Have a vision and believe that it will happen.

The law of attraction says that “like attracts like,” therefore, you should focus on positive thoughts to bring positive experiences in your life and let go of negativities, to block negative experiences to come.  In this case, it is important to have a vision, not just a mental one but a physical one.  Here are some ideas:

  • Create a vision board or a vision book filled with images of money, inspirational quotes and photos of the things that you wish and desire. Don’t worry, you have the freedom to write and put whatever you want – may it be a new car, your dream home, a salary increase or your dream vacation.  Put it somewhere that you can see every day, then envision and imagine the feeling of having all of those in your life.
  • Create a video or a Powerpoint presentation with all your dreams, wants, goals and affirmations that you can easily watch from your laptop at work or on your phone.
  • Write yourself a million dollar check and keep them in your desk, your mirror, your wallet and of course, on your vision board/book. I got this idea from actor, Jim Carrey, who once wrote himself a check for $10 million, post-dated it 10 years and kept it in his wallet, back when he was broke, depressed and just daydreaming of success.  Well, look at where Jim Carrey is now.
  • Write a manifesto that declares your beliefs, intentions, motives and views of your future. Read this every morning as a source of inspiration.

“Wealthy Reminders”

These reminders will program your mind to abundance and prosperity and remind you of wealth and positivity.  You can write these down in colorful post-its and stick it in random places in your home or your office.  Choose a desktop and phone wallpaper that will remind you of wealth as well.

Daily Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements in present tense that you will read out loud every day and believe that they are indeed happening.  Some examples are: I feel rich.  I am a money magnet.  My income is constantly increasing.  I have more than enough money.  I can afford anything I want in life.

Surround yourself with wealthy, successful and optimistic people.

Stay away from negative people who always complain because they will just discourage you from believing that your dreams can come true.  Instead, find mentors and successful people that will serve as inspiration by attending seminars, watching videos of them online, reading books or listening to their podcasts.

Be grateful.

Last but not the least, be very, very grateful.  You may not have all your goals and dreams achieved yet, but focus on what you have instead of what you lack and thank God for it.  Another way to show your gratitude is to give back.  When it comes to random acts of kindness, the possibilities are endless.

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