How to Make More Money this February (Valentine’s Day)

Did you know that American consumers are expected to spend an average of $143.56 on Valentine’s Day this year?

While the rest of the world is already planning on how to spend their money this February, how about doing the complete opposite and take this chance to earn more?

If you are ready to know how you can take advantage of this Hallmark holiday, here are 6 wonderful money-making opportunities for all of you, savvy entrepreneurs out there.

1. Valentine’s Date/Party-Planning.

Okay so I know that there are a number of creative guys out there (lucky, you!) but let’s admit it, most males aren’t really blessed with the skills of planning surprises and exciting, romantic dates for their sweethearts. So whether you’re a girl or a dude who excels in this field, now is the best time to make money out of it.

Advertise your skills on social media or by word of mouth to get quick cash from putting together fun and romantic date experiences for couples.

Aside from romantic couple dates, you can also plan parties for office and school parties or friends’ get-togethers on Valentine’s Day.

2. Baby and Pet-sitting.

I’m sure many parents and pet owners will be needing your baby/pet-sitting service when Valentine’s week comes so they can enjoy a date night or a quick getaway. So make sure to clear out your personal schedule in exchange for some cash.

3. Baking sweet treats for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s is a day of hearts and sweets, which makes it the perfect day to sell your famous cakes, cookies, cupcakes and other sweet treats. You can start getting orders now from your private network of friends, family and co-workers or sell them online through social media.

4. Arranging personal gift baskets for sale.

Nowadays, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples.  People give Valentine’s gifts to friends, teachers, family members and even colleagues. This is where you can profit from your creativity by arranging personalized gifts baskets which I’m sure a lot of people would want to buy.

5. Setting up a couple’s photoshoot.

Here’s another skill that you can make money from – professional photography. Aside from skills, of course you need the tools – a professional camera, some props, a good location, etc. Valentine’s Day is a prime time for proposals, engagement shoots, weddings, anniversaries or just couples who want to have professional snapshots of their special moments on the “national day of love.”

6. Selling gift cards.

Lastly, if you have a bunch of gift cards saved up from Christmas, now would be the right time to sell them off. Check out this article below to know which websites you can sell your gift cards.

Where to Sell Your Unwanted Gift Cards from the Holidays

I hope these money-making ideas will help beef up your savings this February. Good luck!

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