How to Save Money While Still Having Your Dream Wedding

We all have our dream wedding but not all of us have the means to put that dream into reality.  Weddings aren’t cheap and going into debt because of a wedding isn’t a good way to start your married life.  Although your destination wedding or grand celebration won’t come true for now, that doesn’t mean that you and your partner can’t have a perfect and special time on the day you say “I do.”  Here are my tips and suggestions to help you save big while still having the wedding of your dreams.

Plan ahead.

If you don’t want to end up spending fortune on your wedding, make sure to have a decent amount of prep time before your big day.  More time means, more time to look for better deals on your wedding needs.

Choose a venue that doesn’t need too many decorations.

Whether it’s in a garden courtyard, or a cute farmhouse, it’s a good idea to have your ceremony and reception at a location where you can use the natural beauty of nature as a backdrop when you say your “I do.”

Fake your wedding cake.

Tiered cakes are expensive but of course, who doesn’t want tall and fancy looking cakes, right?  But let’s admit it, all you need is a small slice of cake for the cutting during the ceremony and for decorations, too.  Have your baker make a fake decorated cardboard with only the middle or the top layer real for cutting during the reception.

DIY everything if you can.

Except the wedding dress, obviously.  From wedding invites to party favors and wedding decorations, DIY crafts will save you tons of cash.

Buy secondhand items.

It’s only for a day anyway so buying wedding knick-knacks from garage sales or borrowing from family and friends who just got hitched is also a good way to save money on your wedding decorations.

Create a music playlist beforehand.

No need to hire a wedding singer, or a band or a DJ for entertainment.  Create a wedding playlist on your laptop, phone or mp3 player and just have it played on your wedding reception.

Have a make-shift photo booth.

A photo booth is a must in every wedding, these days, but they can be a bit pricey.  The cheapest photo booth usually runs around $500.  But if you just create your own photo booth using DIY backdrop and accessories, you’ll probably just spend around $50.

Make use of the big sales.

Shop for entourage gifts, décor pieces and even the dresses for your entourage during holiday sales or Black Friday.

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