How to Shop Smart Online

Online shopping has become so popular because of how convenient it is.  No need to dress up and drive to the mall because you can just shop while you are in bed wearing your comfy pajamas.  You can even do your shopping during your lunch break at work.  All you need is your phone, laptop or tablet that has internet connection… easy!

Here are my helpful tips on how you can make your shopping experience better, smarter and safer.

Stick to your budget.

I’m sure you already know this but sometimes, you can forget – buy only what you can afford.  Just because you are not shopping at the mall means that you can go overboard.  Set a budget and consider the shipping costs as well.

Compare prices.

Check for the lowest price of a certain item that you want to purchase.  You can use the site Price Grabber to pull up a list of sites that sell that item with their corresponding prices.

Check for discount deals.

Save cash by looking for coupon codes online or shop at online sites offering good deals and discounts.  There are also sites that offer free shipping so it’s also a great way to save on cash.

Make sure that you are shopping at a legit site.

Some sellers sell their items in social networking sites such as Facebook or Instagram, which can sometimes be risky.  Make sure to check feedbacks from their customers to make sure that they are not bogus sellers.  When shopping on ebay or auction sites, check the rating, customer feedback and the number of transactions the seller has already completed.

Check their return policy.

A downside from online shopping is getting the wrong size or receiving an item that doesn’t even look like how they marketed it online.  That’s why you have to check the seller’s return policy so you won’t be wasting money in case you don’t like the item you received.

Evaluate the seller’s payment options.

If a seller asks you for a personal check, money order or wire transfer then you should rethink about proceeding with the transaction because with these modes of payment, it’s difficult to get your money back in cases of scams or any dispute.  Pay with your credit card or PayPal that is linked to a credit card to have better protection when shopping online.

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