How to Spend Less on Car Costs

Owning a vehicle is a necessity that comes with a price – gas, insurance, upkeep.  But we all need one so we don’t have a choice but to deal with these endless costs.  However, there are numerous ways on how you can slash your car expenses without sacrificing comfort and safety.

Let’s look at these helpful tips and ways on how you can save money on your car costs.

Find the Best Gas Prices

Check around or online for the best deals on fuel and keep an eye when the price goes up and drop.  Warehouse clubs usually have the best deals on fuel.  Also make use of mobile apps such as Gas Buddy to find gas stations that offer the cheapest prices within your current location.

Slow Down on the Driveway

Yes, your driving speed can help you save on your car costs.  For every 5 miles per hour that you drive above 60mph, you are adding 24 cents/gallon to your fuel bill.  Also, accelerating quickly wastes fuel.  So save money and save yourself from accidents (car repair and hospital fees are expensive too!) by keeping your speed low.

Have your Car Checked Regularly

Don’t be stingy when it comes to your car’s maintenance.  Ensuring that your engines are good will give you long-term benefits and that includes future additional costs.  Some car issues can eat your fuel up and also result to a more expensive car repair costs in the future.  Preventive measures are important for your safety too!

Find an Honest and Reliable Mechanic

You know the drill – some mechanics will try to get money from you by charging you with stuff your car doesn’t really need.  So ask family, friends and co-workers for trustworthy mechanics near your area.

Ensure Proper Tire Pressure

Under or over inflated tires use up fuel 6% more and wear out a lot faster, which means that you have to spend money on new tires again.  Have it checked monthly to make sure that they are balanced, properly aligned and stable.

Stay safe!

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