How to Stay Out of Debt

Getting into debt is far easier than getting out of it.  Once you get into that financial trap, the process of removing yourself from that situation is not easy at all.  It can destroy you not just financially but mentally and emotionally.  That’s why staying out of debt should be one of the most important goals in everyone’s lives.

I’m not a financial expert and this topic isn’t new at all.  But that doesn’t stop me from sharing with you some helpful strategies that I follow in order to stay debt-free.

Live below your means.

Obviously, you’ll end up in debt if your spend more than you actually earn.  Buying expensive gadgets, living in a very expensive home, or even the simple things like shopping and eating out too much…  You have to think about the aftermath before you give in to the instant gratification that you get from these unnecessary (or sometimes impulsive) purchases.

Save before you spend.

If you don’t set aside an emergency and a savings fund at the beginning of the month, you are most likely to live paycheck to paycheck or with a pile of debts and credits when the month ends.  So as soon as you receive your salary for the previous month, save a big chunk of it right away and create a budget for the remaining funds.

Look for ways to earn more.

Obviously, more money means less chances of going short on your monthly budget.  Look for ways to earn additional income.  Whether it’s a second job, a small business or just selling off some old and preloved belongings, the options are endless for a person who is striving hard.

Educate yourself.

Life is all about learning.  Failures are inevitable, we just have to get up and learn from it.  Like what they say, experience is the best teacher.  But self-help books and blog posts are also very helpful and inspiring.  Educating yourself about money can surely benefit you not just today, but in the future.

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