How to Travel and Get Paid

Traveling isn’t cheap but it is an investment for yourself because you get to experience a new culture, see beautiful sights and make new memories.  However, not everyone is blessed to be able to spend for an adventure overseas.

But what if I tell you that you can travel and make money at the same time?

Become a Flight Attendant.

This job gives a lot of travel perks that even  members of your family can benefit from.  The average time on the job is usually about 80 hours per month only so you get to have a lot of free time to travel and explore your current location.

Work in a cruise ship.

Same with the flight attendants, crew members also get to travel while working.  Although it requires longer hours of work, crew members are given free time to travel and enjoy parties and activities in every port.

Become an English tutor.

There are a lot of countries, especially countries in Asia, that require English tutors.  If you are a native English speaker, then check online for job opportunities that can get you paid while on a “vacation.”

Work at a resort.

Resorts all over the country usually hire staff from other countries.  From restaurant staff to front desk, housekeeping… etc.… there are a variety of positions to choose from.

Apply for a working holiday visa.

Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Ireland, Brazil, Germany and Singapore – just a few of the many countries that offer foreigners a working holiday visa option.  This type of residence permit allows visitors to work (or study) in the country to supplement their travel.  This is usually applicable for those between the ages of 18-30 years old.

Au Pair.

An Au Pair is an arrangement under the government where a foreigner can work for and live with a host family.  Au pairs share with the family’s responsibilities such as childcare and housework and receive allowance for personal use.  This is a great way to earn money while you travel because you get to meet new people and create life long bond with your host family and new friends.

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